How to Jump Rope for Boxing

i’m johnny from expert boxing and right now i’m going to show you guys how to jump rope the proper way for boxing before I start I want to give you a couple tips first tip is you want to bend your ankles your knees and your elbows okay so then my ankles my knees and my elbows so when I’m jumping kick bending those two joints I’m not landing on a flat foot and I’m not jumping with straight knees that’ll wreck your joints also you want to use your elbows bend your elbows to spin the rope don’t have your elbows perfectly straight okay it may it may look like this when you watch it on YouTube but what you do is you bend the elbows and then as you get better you use them less okay but bend your elbows your knees your ankles and jump off to stay off the land on the balls of your foot don’t land on your heels next tip is your breathing what you breathe coach enough I’d recommend this for beginners close your mouth and breathe with your nose okay just like that use your nose breathing to slow down your heart and calm you down so you don’t get tired okay you’re breathing with your mouth you’re gonna gasp for air you’re gonna laugh and you’ll get tired in two minutes not even two minutes so use your nose to breathe stay calm and now you will get tired and when you get tired okay let’s see our trip I step over and continue breathing and jumping all right so use your nose now the third thing is to jump low to the ground so when I’m jumping when I’m jumping I’ll show you guys when I’m jumping rope okay I’m not going up here like this my legs are generally kind of straight and now I’m staying low to the ground eventually you will find a natural rhythm where you can keep it up forever where you know you can sustain for a long period of time now I’ll show you the basic jump all of this my feet are together okay use my elbows and knees and ankles and just jump those breathing staying low to the ground now there’s a proper length of the rope if I step my foot in the middle of the jump rope the handles will come up to my armpit okay your rope was too long you’re gonna feel like it takes forever to get it through and you feel like you have to jump so high because the Rope is too long okay if the Rope is too short then it’s gonna catch on to your ankle and you’re also gonna feel like you have to jump you know quicker than you’re able to but but anyways make sure the handles come up to your armpits and as you get a little better you can shorten the rope a little bit so it spins faster and you can do more complicated tricks and generally you want to be able to work up to 15 minutes okay you want to get to the part where you can jump rope 15 minutes every day as warmup okay just like this and you do your tricks or whatever but 15 minutes a day it’s gonna be hard at first but I recommend you just do it when you screw up breathe your way through it keep breathing with your nose and good luck they will improve your conditioning it improve your footwork your balance your speed and it will give your body that much more endurance and stamina so do it

100 thoughts on “How to Jump Rope for Boxing

  1. I started jump roping and i'm wrestling. I'm thinking about doing boxing in the summer and participating in a wrestling summer camp.

  2. Good video, great advise, I just did the 1 hour jump rope challenge. Boy were my legs sore the next day, check out my video when you get time

  3. I don't mind learning how to skip, I want to learn. But I hate it when I whip myself, I get mad at the rope lol.

  4. My god this is so helpful. I got so shocked that I did 20 reps in my first try. And best of all, I never tried jumping rope since I was born and I'm just 14.

  5. good video, the other ones were mostly dudes jerking off to their personality, this one was the solid goods and i picked up alot of good shit from this.

  6. The problem isn't my endurance or my breathing it's my legs. For some reason the only thing that gets tried is my legs and I end up taking at least 5 breaks because my legs are tired, a round. For 4 to 5 3 min rounds. Can someone please help me.

  7. you need some heavy shoulder presses or handstand push up,but It is 2017 right know hope you did that

  8. Forcing yourself to only breath through your nose sounds unnecessarily risky and dangerous to your health. When you do cardio, your heart beats faster, and your muscles need more oxygen. Forcing yourself to breath only through the nose is much less efficient than breathing through your mouth, and will make you oxygen deprived. I don't see what you're trying to change by closing your mouth. I don't think your heart will beat any slower, and even if it did, that would still mean that you're not able to do the exercise, because your heart only beats as fast as it needs to (to get the oxygen in and the carbon dioxide out). You can't force your heart to beat slower and still perform better. In order to do that, your heart muscle has to get stronger, and your cardiovascular system has to become healthier, and the only real way to do that is to do cardio over several months. This trick of only breathing through your nose seems to me like it's only looking for trouble. I'd say the opposite is true: to breath as deeply as possible, without hyperventilating.

  9. I have been doing it wrong. No wonder I get so tensed and wore out so fast. A million thanks for this video.

  10. I'm really skinny for my height, 63kg(I think that's around 150ish in pounds) and 1.78m (5 ft 10), and I wanna start going on the rope just to build cardio. Is it a good idea or will I just keep burning whatever calories are left? I'm eating good, at the right times and plenty of food, but it's just that I can't manage to gain weight because I work out very often and I've got a great metabolism. So I want to know whether it's worth it or not.

  11. Great video man! Did you try the RAPIDE speed ropes?
    You can adjust them to your own size, and the ball bearings are so fast!

    You can get them for free instead of $40 here in this link:

  12. That explained to be nothing….. When you teach someone something teach them slowly you just said how to do it and then the next subject….

  13. I learned to jump over the rope through this manual, it was painful and demanded a lot of patience with time but today I can jump half an hour with music and basic tricks and I feel more free and everyone I meet is telling me I lost weight. Thanks mate.

  14. Great video! I was having jump roping, i'm going to apply what you taught in this video and see if it improves.

  15. This video is great, except I can't use it because your shirt is off. I am a PE teacher for middle school students. I have used many of your other videos as additional instruction to help my students. Any way you could do another one with a shirt on so I can use it with my students? Thanks!

  16. Legit the first time I did it with a rope this thin I hit my toe 6 times I thought I broke my fucking toe 😂😂😂😂 ALWAYS WEAR SHOE

  17. Stay low is excellent advice – many pros do not say it, nor do it that way. Square ankles, nor dorsiflexed, is another way of saying it and you look great at it

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