How’s it going? Ando here from and Happy Life
Martial Arts. Speed and power. Power and speed. These are the two topics I get the most questions
about. Well, I already made a video about power,
so today, let’s talk about speed. I’ve got three quick tips for you, but then
stick around for one major reality check. Three quick tips. Here we go. Tip #1: Don’t wind up. Look. If my fist needs to travel from Point A to
Point B, I don’t take a detour to Point C. That might actually triple the distance
that my fist is traveling. I mean, look. Instead of just going from here to there,
my fist starts here, goes back there, has to return to Point A, then it goes there. That’s triple the distance. So, even if you’re just winding up a little
bit, you’re still adding time to your technique and that’s dangerous. Don’t do that. No winding up. Tip #2: Stay loose. If you lose your temper and get angry, I know
that feels powerful, but it’s slowing you down. Some of your muscles are trying to do their
job, the rest of your muscles are actually holding you back. So, if you want to be fast, keep your emotions
in check and stay cool. Tip #3: Practice. Once you lose all that tension and once you
stop winding up, then you’ve got to train yourself to just use the muscles you need
to throw your techniques. Always make it a goal to be as efficient and
as economical in your movement as possible. Okay. So, those are your quick tips. Now, for the reality check. The fact is no matter how cool you are or
how much you practice, you can’t just keep getting faster and faster. At some point, you’re going to hit your limit. And as you get older, you’re going to be
horrified to find out that that limit starts to decrease. Rapidly. Trust me on that. But don’t worry, because even though you can’t
keep getting faster and faster objectively, you can increase your speed subjectively. What the hell does that mean? Take a quick look at my logo and I’ll tell
you. Quick story. I was rolling around the other day with this
young whippersnapper. And when I say young whippersnapper, of course,
I mean, dirty #$%. So, we slap in and I’m doing a really good job of keeping him off
of me and controlling the distance. And right when I was feeling so proud of myself. AGH! He jumped up and popped my elbow with an arm
bar before I had time to tap. It’s taken me two months to get this elbow
to stop clicking. Oh, that young whippersnapper. How did that happen? I mean, It’s not like I don’t know what
an arm bar is and it’s not like I couldn’t have been moving faster to keep up with him. But I didn’t. Why? Because I didn’t think I had to. I was hypnotized. I got tricked into thinking that we were going
to keep moving at one fixed speed, but when that speed wasn’t working fro him, why that
young whippersnapper jumped it up a notch. In this case, recklessly, but effectively. My bad. But just to be clear—the secret to his success
wasn’t the armbar, it was his manipulation of time. Here’s the good news. You can do that, too. If you want to make your best move seem even
faster, well, then set it up by moving slower first. It’s like a snake… hypnotize the other guy
into thinking this is as fast as we’re going to move, then explode. This is what the pros are doing when they
talk about setting the pace of a fight or breaking rhythms. They’re just manipulating time. So, maybe you set someone up with a lazy jab,
then you pop in that number two. Or maybe in self-defense, you try to keep
things cool, like, “Hey, man. I don’t want to fight,” then you pop that
fool in the face. The point is if you mix up your timings, you
can mix up the other guy’s mind and that will make it seem like you’re faster than
you really are. So, when it comes to speed, don’t just focus
on how fast you can move, focus on setting up your moves so the other guy doesn’t see
them coming. Because the truth is no matter how fast you
are, if you’re always moving at one speed, well, you become predictable. And predictable means beatable. My recommendation is to take your favorite
combos and try mixing up those speeds. Maybe you start off slow, you set a rhythm,
then change that rhythm and speed up. Or maybe you attack really fast, then hold
back, then go back to fast. You don’t want to be predictable. You want to be a master of manipulating time. Think of it this way—your goal is not to
just be as fast as you can be, your goal is just to be fast enough to get the job done. Believe me, as you get older, it’s crazy to
keep focusing on speed and power. The smarter bet is to focus on becoming clever
and tricky. Diabolical, even. So, train yourself to be a master of setting
rhythms, breaking rhythms, and manipulating time. Hypnotize your opponent and you should have
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keep fighting for a happy life.

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