How to Hook Kick and Round Kick: Chamber Tip

Hey, how’s it going? Ando again from Have you ever had a problem throwing your
hook kick or round kick? If you have, don’t worry— they’re actually
simpler than you think. The trick is in how you set up your chamber. Now, I actually have another video all about
chambers, and if you haven’t seen it, I’ll put the link below. Check it out. But for now, one quick tip to help make your
hook kick and round kick a little bit easier. Let’s start by taking a look at your front
kick. Why the front kick? Because I’ll bet you don’t worry about your
front kick at all, do you? Nah. Front kicks are easy. Heck, even my grandma can throw a front kick…
and she’s dead. When you throw your front kick, you’re lifting
up your knee and sticking out your foot, right? No big deal. Well, the round kick and the hook kick, you’re
doing the exact same thing as a front kick… it’s just sideways. Yes, I know, I know–you can throw the round
kick and the hook kick without a chamber. You can just swing a straight leg forward
or backward. Powerful kicks. Great kicks. Just not the kicks I’m talking about right
now. Today, I just want you to see that pointing
your knee straight ahead and extending your foot vertically is the same thing as pointing
your knee sideways and extending your foot horizontally. The only difference is that I turned my body. So, here’s your tip– when you want to throw
a chambered hook kick or a chambered round kick, just imagine that you’re setting your
leg up on a table. Forget imagination. Go find a real table. Then put your leg on top. If your table is not tall enough, that’s okay. Slide in a box of chocolates, or the phone
book, a coffin… whatever you got laying around. Once you’ve got a flat, stable surface, put
that leg right up horizontally and now just relax. Take some time to listen to your body. Make sure that foot on the ground is pivoted
and feels comfortable. You knee feels good. Your hips feel good. Just find that groove where you have a platform
to throw round kicks and hook kicks without much problem. Once you’ve got that feeling inside your body,
well, then test it out. See if you can get that leg up on the table
and then start popping off that kick. This is a pretty handy skill to have, by the
way, not just for sparring. But let’s say you’re at the beach and you
want to impress some girls. Or maybe you’re at a fancy restaurant, you
get into a big fight, and you want to clear that table, and walk off like a boss. I get a lot of emails about the hook kick,
so let me give you one more tip. Don’t think of your hook kick as something
fancy. Just think of it as a modified side kick. Here’s what I mean. When I throw a side kick, I chamber… I stick out my foot… I bring it right back. The foot goes out and in on one straight line. The hook kick is almost the same thing. I’m still going to chamber… I’m still going to stick out my foot… but
then I pull it back to my butt. It doesn’t go out and in on the same line. It goes out straight and then hooks back. Therefore, it’s a hook kick. So, think of the hook kick as a side kick
with a hook at the end. Now, the way you would use that, if you’re
sparring or, God forbid, a self-defense situation, if you’re so bold as to try this, the trick
is to make sure your target is on the center line, but your side kick is off center line. If it’s a regular side kick, sure, I chamber,
I stick it out, I bring it right back in. Perfect. For a hook kick, if you’re my target on the
center line, I’m going to aim my side kick off center, so that I can drag my foot back
across. So, out and then back in. That makes sense? I hope that looks good on camera. Sha-bang! So, think of your side kick as just a clever
way to get your leg up on the table so you can use your round kicks or your hook kicks. And that’s your tip. Go put your leg up on a table, find your groove,
and then let that foot fly. Just don’t put your elbows on the table…
that’s rude. If you liked that tip, hit subscribe. And don’t forget to find the link to sign
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and keep fighting for a happy life.

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