How to hold Nunchaku by Kazumasa Yokoyama

Hi there, welcome back at Wadokai Online. Today we would like to share an interview
with you, with Kancho Yokoyama. I invited him to teach a seminar here in Holland. He is over here for three days for a seminar,
but actually, I always invite him a couple of days earlier so that we have time to do
stuff like this. Kancho, we mentioned some stuff about weapon
and I happen to have a Nunchaku here myself. I was always wondering, because many instructors
say that you have to hold it at the bottom so that you can use the length of the weapon,
because it is a short weapon to begin with. What is your take on that? – Earlier in this interview I talked about Total Knowledge. If you are holding the tip of the Nunchaku,
you are only holding it here. But Total Knowledge means from the beginning
till the end. – Ah, so that is almost like you say in Karate
using the top of the head until the tip of the toes. – Yes, you have to use all small aspects of
the body. With Nunchaku it is the same. If you hold it here, maybe you get more length
and you can deliver a more big swing. If you hold it closer towards the top, maybe your reach is shorter but it is faster and more easy to control. For example, if you put an apple in your mouth
I can swing and break it, I can strike that. But if I hold it at the end I have more risk
to uncontrol the weapon. Also, in Eastern Phylosophy there is Yin andYang (In and Yo) like the bright side and the dark side are mutually dependent opposite. They always have a centre line as well,
which we call the neutral. If you think about it, this is one way to hold,
this is another way to hold and also there is a neutral way to hold. All different parts of the three sections
gives you a different kind of knowledge and they contain all kinds of advantage and disadvantage. – Are you meaning to say that if you are only
holding it here that you can only get a small piece of the knowlegde that the weapon has to offer? – Yes, exactly. Most important is that you realise that Karate is not just punching and kicking. Takedowns and joint locks are also involved. This is because Karate develops Entire Knowledge,
weapon training is the same way. You have to use everything that you have. It is not just a part or one piece of it,
you have got to use everything.

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