37 thoughts on “How to Have Proper Stance | Boxing Lessons

  1. well it sorta whats your style i was thought my front leg facing the enemy and my back leg being vertical to my back leg this gave me a good balance point when getting punched and moving my hips with the punch was easier but it is your own choice i was thought this way and i like it more

  2. It would have been funny if that dog walking past was a German Shepard or a Pitbull.
    Or better yet both.
    Or even better yet, a fight between a German Shepard and a Pitbull happened outside.

  3. You cant learn how to box off youtube, you`d be a fool to think you can. You only learn how to properly box after having bouts, Iv been boxing for 11 years and represented my country. Boxing only comes as second nature when being in a street fight or whatever the scenario when you have actually competed.

  4. To the guy who said YouTube videos don't help that is false they can give people a good overall on how to box only negative thing is that there isn't a trainer there to make sure the viewer is doing it right so I personally think these videos are best for people who are already in the gym not necessarily for a long time but atleast to the point where they got the basics down

  5. He didn't explain it well enough… That was his perfect fighting stance not everyones.. everyone has there own it's were u feel most comfortable

  6. Very good video 🙂

    One question: I'm training as a street fighter and I'm wondering about
    how should my stance look for balance and etc… You do know that a
    street fight is a mix of Boxing, MMA, wrestling, judo, , & etc… I
    personally find that having my dominant/strong hand and dominant/strong
    hand in front is much easier when fighting. Do you prefer that I should
    stand one leg forward and the other backward or horizontally the same ?

  7. Your stance in a fight is way more important than power and power fighting the way u stand determines how the fight will go your stances tells it all great video guys

  8. I don't get this his stance it's off, (he is in a Philly shell and he is to squared.) He will have no speed standing like that; imagine him shadow boxing.

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