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  1. Whenever i rear choke someone i lock my leg up with their leg so there's no way to bring me down unless you bring me down with you and you'll just get a hard faceplant in a harder position.

  2. Well obviously if you're a girl you have to use a different technic Logic isn't it? Obviously… the other way round if you're a 300 pounder, and a 60 pound guy is chocking you, and you have a machette. Just chop the guy! LOL


  3. Why do i not see this defense against this when it happens in mma??… oh wait cuz this shit doesn't work!! lol

  4. This is a tad late (7 months haha), but traditional Brazilian Jujitsu is a self-defense art. It is used primarily for the ground fighting aspect by mma fighters because it excels there, but the self-defense side (non-sport) has lots of realistic techniques.

  5. Not really… it would actually make it easier because you wouldn't have to move nearly as low to get under their center.

  6. The faster you drop to your knees – at the same time curling your body forward – the faster you'll throw them

  7. FINALLY a good video on escaping the rear naked choke. The reason why I don't like the other videos is because they are have instructors that are speaking in a completely different language, they usually show you how to prevent getting in the rear naked choke as opposed to escaping it if they have already got it locked and they were too quick for you to stop them before they could completely lock it, and the examples are not realistic. The logic in this video is the logic that I go by. What I mean by that, is that it is true that, let's say you're a smaller target and a bigger person has got you in the hold – pulling their hands off you is not very easy if you don't got much muscle on you (like me). But when I was scouring through videos on YouTube on how to escape the rear naked choke and I found this after watching video after video, looking for one decent tutorial on how to escape this dangerous hold, and I found this, I wasn't expecting it to be much, since most Howcast videos are too simplistic in nature, however boy was I surprised when I watched this. Liked.

  8. Im not sure about this but this is what I think. If he is taller, this still works. If he is stronger this still works. I have seen my instructor have to use it on someone taller and stronger and aggressive so those arguments are invalid. But the thing I'm not sure about is if he can move his body away from yours and you have your hands locked to his arms, you would just follow him. If he's leaning back there is actually another defense for this. This is just one defense.

  9. unless the guy decides to go with your forward bend and just cave your face into the floor…horrible standing RNC defense lol

  10. This is not practical. At all. Choke comes fast. Once it is deep and tight, there is no stopping it. I've choked out my friend who outweigh me at least 50lbs. As soon as i got his back, wrapped my arm around his neck, he was as good as a dead man. Took less than 9 seconds for him to pass out. Even if u put your chin down, it will only buy u time before i use your nose or eyes or even your chin to inflict excruciating pain before u give your neck up and I apply the choke for good. There is really no way out of it. Even professional fighters get choked out.

  11. That makes no sense. In a real street fight and if someone is really trying to choke you, they are not just going to let you pick them up. They are not just going to be standing there letting you break free. I know from experience.

  12. If he knew anything he would put a body triangle now you're just getting choked on the ground, night night.

  13. This works well if you get attacked from behind by Pig Police officers or steroid-ed security officers.

  14. You are an awesome teacher, "first thing, do not panic! I must not panic." Osss! Oeeii! 🙏🏼👌🏽💯

  15. I think it’s good that he’s offering us this free training. Let’s everybody donate to his channel so that we can buy him some front teeth. I think he chewed on some lead pipes and broke his teeth. Other than that, he’s a very good toothless instructor.

  16. In real life a situation like this it's almost impossible to get out. You have to be somewhat lucky. If the guy isn't wearing boots you first feel around and find his foot. There's a pressure point in the middle of the foot, after you find the foot aim your heel and stomp as hard as you can. In that instant you have a higher chance of finding one of his hands, reach for it and grab one of his fingers then you pull as hard as you can. You don't have much time but it's the best option when your opponent is much stronger that you and won't let up.

  17. Not the best way at all unless you are well trained. There are several more realistic ways to defend this provided you do one of them quickly. If the choke is sunk in well, you are going to sleep.

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