How To Fix Blind Stems and Gears ~ Getting Vertical ~ Vertical Blinds Repair

Today what I have to show you is how to replace
these blind stems. You can see this one here is broken off part of it. So it is not really
holding the blinds on properly. What I am going to do is remove the next couple slats.
Just to make this a little bit easier to get at. If the gear back there is bad there is this
little comb gear here. You can see that there. This one looks like the gear is actually there.
So let me pop this out. I’ll show you here how to replace these. What you do is just
pop it over. General pressure it comes right out. See if my gear is in there. It looks
like it is in there. There is two ways to replace it if it is not. One is you can take
your new blind stem and you can hold the gear right up against it and than insert both of
these in there. The other way is to take a pair of pliers and try to push this over in
there first and than set your blind stem in there. My gear stems gear is actually already in
there. All we have to do is just pop this in.It just pops in with general pressure,
generally speaking that is. If it out of step than we can just pop it over. This one looks
like it is out of step by one. So we just grab it and rotate it over. I should tell you when you are popping these
in. Right here this is like unfinished sheet metal so be careful. It is sharp. I’ve donated
blood a few times there.

17 thoughts on “How To Fix Blind Stems and Gears ~ Getting Vertical ~ Vertical Blinds Repair

  1. If you live in a quality Apt. complex I would just call it in as a work order. They may just tell you they will fix it upon the turn over which you might suggest to them if that was more convenient for them and they would not charge you for it.You might itemize a list of repairs needed that you have lived with for awhile such as slow sink drain etc.. and couple the blinds with it and turn in your list as a work order. Or with some patience and some temporary tape you could hot glue slats on.

  2. I broke the twist handle thing that is used to slide the blinds open and to rotate the slats – not the handle itself, but the little worm gear or whatever that engages the bar. I overcranked it and I felt a snap, and now it the handle just spins without turning the slats. Is that twist handle gear replaceable?

  3. Yes, it is depending on the style of vertical blinds. If the metal post is in the center than it is not to difficult other types are possible also but have their own peculiarities. I have a couple videos on these repairs first one titled "Vertical Blind Master Control Repair How To" and second titled "Master Blind Gear/Getting Vertical/How To Repair Vertical Blinds". ~ Hope these help ~ Thanks for watching! ~

  4. The stems on my blinds dont pop out to the side. Looks like they might pull straight out, but I'm not sure if that will break them or not. Seens these kind before? I'm thinking of replacing a broken stem in the middle of my blinds with one at the end of the blinds, so I wont miss that vertical blind as much at the end vs. the middle.

  5. Some types have a small hole on the top of the head rail where the stem can be passed up through and changed out. Others do not have a hole but a hole could be drilled others the whole carriage can be slid out of the head rail and than repairs made. Sometimes an easy way is to wire tie the broken one right up against the carrier next to it to gain the coverage you need.

  6. Where on earth do you purchase the gears? I purchased a blinds repair kit at Home Depot and to my dismay, it didn't include the gears, only the stems and other un-important parts.

  7. These are not easy to find. I usually get mine from HD supply or recycle from old sets of blinds that I am discarding. If you only need one gear for a center blind you might take it from the first carrier. Than that first slat closest to the wand would rotate freely but that can have some benefits in that you can turn that one to see if someone was at the door or check on an odd noise without opening all the blinds. Alternatively you might call around hardware stores to see if they carry them.

  8. The stem is the hook part part that holds the vein and the gear looks like a tiny comb and seats up inside the carrier directly behind the stem (comb side up flat side down).

  9. thanks.. Guess II need a new stem.

    I called around today but every place i called said they only sell the repair kids and not the individual parts. Will have to keep looking.

  10. Sometimes one trick is to take one from an end that is less important especially if there is some overlap of the wall portion. Of course there is some risk in this approach of making things worse but such is life. Decisions, decisions…decisions. Occasionally a slat can be glued to a partially broken stem as I show in another vid "How To Repair Vertical Blinds With Hot Glue". Hope that helps. ~ KFM

  11. You are so right im based in australia and the house i am renting has these dreaded blinds so was at a loss when most of the slates broke up the top jumped on youtube and what do ya know seen this vid and repaired all my blinds thank u kungfumaintenance if not for you my inspection would not have passed!My blinds are in tiptop shape and silicone spray smells but cant live without it now lol

  12. I can't remove the gear through the carriage's side because the latter doesn't have a side opening. How do I replace the gear 😩?

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