How to Fix Atomizer Short & Check Atomizer Message Issues

– Atomizer short? What does that mean? Isn’t this one of the worst things that you can have while you’re vaping? Yes, yes it is. So, how do you fix it? It’s a lot easier than you might think. Before the walkthrough, make sure that you
subscribe to our channel for more info and fun. Atomizer short, check atomizer. These are both messages that tell you that there is something not quite right. This can happen with either prebuilt coils or rebuildable coils. Both are just as simple to fix. Follow these steps to fix it. And first, checking your mod. To check your mod, you wanna
take the tank off first. Once we have the tank off of your mod, you wanna look at the screen
and press the fire button. If it gives you the exact same message, you might wanna try powering
it off and back on again. It should resolve the problem
and you should be fine. But if it continues to
give you that message, even after you’ve powered
it off and back on, there’s something wrong with your mod. Use that tank on another mod
just to see if it’ll work. And if it does, great. Now, let’s stake a look at your tank. You wanna take it apart,
at least so that you can access the coil and the base individually. Check the base of your tank, specifically the 510 pin. If it’s adjustable, it should have a slot for either a flathead or a
Philips head screwdriver. Should you not see one, you should be able to
push and pull the pin from inside the base to get it connected. Use the appropriate tool and loosen by twisting counterclockwise
once or twice. The reason you wanna do this is because the 510 pin may not
be connecting with the mod. Reinstall the tank,
and if it works, great. But if not, here’s what you do. Take your tank apart so
all you have is the coil. Pull or twist the bottom of the coil, like you would on the 510 pin, to hopefully make that connection. This will make the magic happen. But if it doesn’t, then
it’s a really sad day. You should change the coil out with another one in the pack. These are the steps for fixing a prebuilt coil atomizer short message, but what if you have an RDA? If you’re getting this message with either an RDA or an RTA, here’s what you do to fix that. Expose the rebuildable deck by taking the cap off and
checking the screws first. If they’re not tightened
enough, or they’re too tight, adjust them appropriately
and it should be good to go. Still getting that message? Check the 510 pin. You should be able to adjust the 510 pin on the base of the tank. You’re gonna wanna loosen it so that it connects with the mod. If you’re still getting that
message, check your coils. It’s possible that they’re either connecting with the deck or the side of the casing of the top. Adjust the coils so they’re
not touching the deck or change them out if they’re broken. There you have it! You’re vaping and enjoying the experience. For more information that I
didn’t cover in this video, we a link to a blog
down in the description. You’ll make sure to click on that and share that with your friends too. If you have any tips or questions, make sure you comment down below. We’d love to talk to you. To stay in the know,
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100 thoughts on “How to Fix Atomizer Short & Check Atomizer Message Issues

  1. Thank you so much!!! I've been using the voopoo drag 2 for months now and just had this issue. Your video saved me from spending an unnecessary amount of time and money 😂

  2. Hi, Im Currently using an "XO DYNAMIC" from Liberty Flights, just got some new coils and changed out the old one for a newer one and now every time i press the button on it, it says "HEAT FAULT" after cycling to 0.4 seconds. Please could you give me some advice on how I can fix this issue as im still new to vaping plus cant really afford a new one as of right now. Any advice and/or info would truly be appreciated so I can get back to vaping. Thank you!

  3. I have a short problem on an Rta and it works fine as long as my battery is full. If the battery falls below 80-90 it sais Shorted sometimes and it gets worse when the battery is low

  4. Just love you mate your trick about loosing my 510 pin connector save me,and 2 mins before i see your video i tighten up ccause i think it the right,ty very much and keep up the good work!!!

  5. Omg thank you so fucking much. Literally saved my dumb ass from just giving up and buying a new one 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  6. If I'm squonkin should I loose squonk pin? I have this issue with Pulse 80w, it's gives like half powered hit,then comes the short message and after that mod sometimes "shutdown" & comes back on. I get mod working firing it couple times but mod is still doing that.

  7. This video is the best out there for fixing the "Check Atomizer" message! We followed the video and it took like 30 seconds to fix the issue before the video even finished! Perfect!

  8. please do not advise people who may not know what they are doing to loosen a 510 pin on an RDA or RTA, this can further exacerbate problems and in its self cause a short.

  9. Pull out the coil. Thought that would break it. It doesnt and af6er an hour of cleaning followed by message rage, I can now enjoy a vape again. Cheers man. Expert

  10. Hello vape fam, I currently have my Charon TC 218, and my vape works fine all the time with Kanthal coil. And then I switched to Alien Clapton and I cannot fire my vape and a "shorted" message appear. But when I loose my atomizer a little bit it works. Is it really fine to do this technique?

  11. Awesome!!! Just sat here messing with my vape pen for an hr because the coil wasn’t working . 2 mins of the video did the trick 🤙🏼

  12. okay I mean definitely follow these steps but the most common cause of this is because there's some liquid that has gotten between my coil and the bottom of the atomizer.. so make sure you try that too..

  13. thanks my issue turned out to be the coil had died, but the info on checking the 510 pin was gold as I thought it was that and ruled it out, ended ups breaking the tank but still found I had spares of both I forgot about.

  14. have the topside dual, it was the mod for me that was causing the atomizer issue. So like every other pissed off person i threw it into the ground a few times, that fixed my issue lol.

  15. I have a Smok Morph 219 with a Fremax mesh pro tank, and it's New out of the box. When I tried them on together it said "NO AUTOMIZER" what the hell do I do now?

  16. Bro thanks for the pin and coil tips, my mod was pissing me off and I was ready to throw it at the wall. But that was all it needed, I just pushed the pin down and twisted the bottom of the coil and it was fixed.

  17. I was almost ready to go to the vape shop to see if they knew what was wrong but you just saved me the trip bud thanks for the video!

  18. When i have my rta on it says atomizer short i take it off hit the fire button it says no atomizer and same thing when i shut it off and turn it back on so is that my mod that is the problem because its said that since i bought the thing when their was no tank or rda/rta on it also it worked just fine with the prebuilt coils that came with it and every tank i put on it works just fine it is litterly only the coils my friend made that i ever had a problem with now i am not 21 and now cant buy coils in my area so im stuck with the coils my friend had made the vape store said that it was my vape that is the problem but i feel like if it was my mod wouldent everything throw that code i had put the same rta on another mod and it said the same thing the only thing i got the rta to work on was a drag and just because i told the vape store that it worked on one vape they blamed it on my mod so i came here

  19. My nephew had a voo poo drag and he was pissed because he kept getting that message this was like a year ago and couldn't get it to work he said he tried cleaning it getting a new coil etc… so he gave up on it. I told him don't throw it away I will keep it I had it sitting in my closet for along time and came across it and I decided to play around with it took out the batteries put them back in screwed the coil on it filled it up and boom it works no check atomizer error I don't know why lol maybe I reset it by taking the battery out of it?

  20. Thanks much for the fix – I realized what I did that had caused it! (No atomizer with X – Priv) . When changing out my coil I washed out the glass bulb as per. Unfortunately I got over zealous & ALSO washed out the top & bottom part of the atomizer! Very bad idea. Should only be cleaned with a Q tip (slightly damp) or a Kleenex. Anyway when I took it apart it WAS visibly damp. No wonder there was no connection! All good now.

  21. so i bought a used smok 220w and the damn tank wont open and im pretty sure i ave to use the extra coil i got with it. am i doing this wrong? ive watched like 5 videos now on replacing coils and i cant fucking open the bottom/top of the tank like it doesnt unscrew help

  22. Omghee!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Your a life saver!it was the coil. Pulled that end out and it fired right up!!

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