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Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial
Arts. In this lesson, how to fall, and get back up. So, the very first thing you need to know
to tackle the ground fighting range is how to properly fall safely, and get back up to
your feet. So, let’s look at it in a little bit more detail. So first, falling, I can
either fall straight back, on my back, or fall sideways. Let’s look at the backwards
fall first. General principles, I want to stop myself from trying to break my fall with
my hands, either backwards or on the side, because then you can hurt your wrist, elbow
or shoulder, any joint in your arm. So you want to absorb the ground with your body,
and then slap the ground after with your hands to disperse the impact. Same thing going backwards
or on the side. You also want to breathe out as you’re falling, so make sure you stay relaxed,
and tuck your chin in, so you protect your head from the ground.
Let’s look at the backwards fall. I’m gonna absorb what I can with my legs going down,
hips touch the ground, roll backwards, and then slap, like so. If you’re not comfortable
at the beginning, you can start from a crouching position, and just go into it, breathe out,
slap the ground. If you’re more comfortable, you can start going from higher up, same technique
applies. So that’s your backwards fall. Sideways fall, is the same idea, I’m gonna
cross my leg over here, and land on my hip on the side; the side of my body is gonna
touch the ground, until my shoulder touches, and then I’m gonna slap with my arm right
after. So right here, breathing out, fall on the side. From a little bit higher up,
a little bit faster, there we go. That’s a safe fall on the ground.
Here I’m protected, and from here, I want to be able to get back up to my feet safely.
Very important, I don’t want to bring my face forward as I’m getting up, because then you’re
exposed to punches, kicks, or knees in the face. You can get knocked up right there,
so you want to protect your face at all times. How I’m gonna do it, from my back, here I’m
relatively safe, I can kick, I can work from here. When I see the opportunity to get back
up, I’m will put one foot to the ground, the opposite foot is protecting my face, the opposite
elbow than my foot that’s on the ground is gonna go up, right here, so I’m posting up
on my elbow, still protecting with my foot and hand. From here, I’m gonna go up to my
hand in the back, bring my hips off the ground, and here I’m gonna kick to create distance,
either to the knee, or to the body, and immediately after my kick, I got a fraction of a second
to react, kick, and then bring my leg all the way back behind my hand. Very important,
I don’t want to bring it over here, because I can fall back down. I want to create a strong
brace in the back, to have a stable base to prevent me from falling backwards, still protecting
with my hand, and from here I can easily get back up. Ok, so one more time, a little bit
faster. From my back, here, so it goes elbow, hand, kick, post in the back, and back up.
Ok, so that’s how to fall and how to get up, one more time, quick recap, falling, I’ll
do it in one sequence, ok, so falling, and get up, like so.
Alright, so that’s how to properly fall and get back up. Don’t forget if you have any
questions, comment below, if you enjoyed this lesson, hit like, and don’t forget to subscribe
for some more awesome martial arts video tutorials. Till next time, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is
Effective Martial Arts, and remember, practice well, safety first, and use these techniques
only for self-defense.

14 thoughts on “How to Fall & Get Up – Ground Fighting Basics | Effective Martial Arts

  1. Great verbal explanation & great solo physical demonstrations, but working with a partner on these moves will give us better insight on how it looks during combat.

  2. This is a great tutorial! I'm a bit older than you, and I have trouble getting up like that quickly. I feel like I'm 80 years old when I try! I also seem to lean my body and my head forward, and I'm open to be kicked in the head. Any suggestions for me? Thanks!

  3. These falls only wotk on matts… n the real world u aviod allowing u butt 2 ever touch the floor n back break falls and the arms slap b4 anything else n both falls… n u r very vulnerable getting up…. these falls would b worthless on the real ground n would cause injury 2 hips n back…. jump n air then do this on real ground and u would never get up o walk again

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