How to do the Reverse turning kick (Ushiro mawashi geri, Bandae dollyo chagy)Best in-depth tutorial

Hello, welcome to my tutorial for the reverse turning kick. I often get asked for tips on this one. so I decided to make this video I hope you find it helpful The japanese name for this kick is Ushiro Mawashi Geri In Korean it’s Bandae Dollyo Chagy In english you might also know it as Spinning heel kick. It’s a very powerful and beautiful kick You need to develop balance and coordination to perform it properly. Part one, the basic motions. Let’s break this kick into it’s basic elements. The basic movement is a step through the back. Simple footwork The base motion for this kick, is the same as a back step or a 180 degree turn through your back. You should be able to do this movement without losing balance, and without awkwardness. While you’re turning keep your spine and shoulders straight. The balance must be on the center of your hip Practice this a few times until it feels comfortable and natural. Now, lets add more detail to this. Begin by turning your base foot slightly, then follow by spinning from top to bottom. As so… Turn your head, folow with your shoulders. Then, turn your hip, and drag the kicking foot along but without releasing the kick until you turned all the way. At all times there must be a shoulder width gap between your feet. Once your hip has turned 180 degrees, then you release the kick. If your release the kick too soon, you will not execute it properly. Here, I exaggerate by turning the base foot more, and then following with the rest of the body. This helps by making the hip turn more comfortably. But as you develop this kick, and you get good at it, you won’t need to turn the base foot so much. Now only in two movements. Turn 180 degrees and then release the kick. I turn and once my hip has come to the other side I release the kick. Again, keep in mind that you should drag the kicking foot along as you turn your hip. Keep it close to the floor, without raising it until you actually deliver the kick. Now, lets do it in only one motion. A continuous motion. Spin as before, but this time in one continuous movement. As your hip turns 180 degrees, release the kick and keep turning until your kicking foot is back where it started Completing a full circle. Common mistakes Turning without looking. Many people turn their body but they don’t turn their head. This results in very poor form. The head needs to turn first for the whole body to turn comfortably. Kicking too soon Another common mistake. Many people focus too much on the kicking leg, not realizing that the kick will not reach it’s destination if the hip does not turn first. As stated before; you should release the kick after the whole body has turned Another mistake; tilting the shoulders. Tilting the shoulders causes bad posture and balance loss. Your spine should be straight and your shoulders upright. the balance on the center of your hip Crossing the legs while turning is another common problem. If you do not drag the kicking foot along with the hip, your legs will be crossed and jammed. Resulting in awkward execution. Area of contact You can perform this kick in two ways Using the ball of the foot for light contact or using the back of the heel for hard contact In the following example I make contact with the ball of the foot. This prevents injuries to your training partners. It also has greater reach than the heel. Now, the heel is used for breaking or causing injury. For doing greater damage. It’s the hardest part of the foot. Practicing with targets For speed and technique you can use a mitt. Kicking either with the ball of the foot or the heel. Perform the kick, and follow through completing a full circle. Do not spin on the heel, spin on the ball of the foot. Otherwise you will fall down. Using a shield or a heavy target To train heavy impact and power, use a shield. As you kick, keep your leg straight. swinging it like it was a baseball bat. You can land on the front or turn back.

53 thoughts on “How to do the Reverse turning kick (Ushiro mawashi geri, Bandae dollyo chagy)Best in-depth tutorial

  1. This video helped me a lot with helping me to identify what I was doing wrong with my kicks! It's a great help…Thanks!! 🙂

  2. really it was what I am looking for… a single way yo explain step by step the kick… also i saw what kind of mistake i do. very Good tutorial. thank U

  3. Absolutely awesome tutorial! You are an excellent instructor. I learned plenty from you; can't wait to implement your methods in class.

  4. Just a tip that I use to learn my kicks is keep up your momentum instead of turning, extending your leg and then doing a hook kick. It makes the kick faster and alot more powerful

  5. Sir, awesome tutorial. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your website. I've subscribed and will follow. Thanks again.

  6. This is really very good. My son and I are coming up to 5th kyu and struggling with this kick. This video is a great help.

  7. Thank you so very much for breaking it all the way down I am learning this kick and when I do it a lot of times I hurt my hips what can I do about that what am I doing wrong I see I am kicking too soon I am not following through completely and I am not spinning on the ball of my foot and not saying my target

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