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  1. Hey, this is great and it looks hard. How do you remember all of the commands. I'm gonna show this to all my friends Uncle Dewayne.

    Lova ya,
    Tanya, Isaiah & Mocha

  2. This is a pretty good form, got some of it down in a couple of days of practice. What is the name of this form? I have a Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu book, but I don't see this in there.

  3. learned this form a while ago,, and i don't believe is dragon style at all, i guess real name is tzu ji quan andnis a basic beginner form from northern atyles…anyway mr robinson should really go down with those legsndude

  4. Performing guy doesn't know too much about basics (ji ben gong). It's a shame to publish such a quality performance as educational material.

  5. There's some similarities with the form Li Hun Quan which is the second form I learned after Wu Bo Quan. The very first form anyone should learn properly is Wu Bo Quan because it has the 5 main stances that Kung Fu uses: Horse Stance, Bow Stance, Crouch Stance, Cross Stance and Cat Stance/Low Stance

  6. Done slow, it looks similar to Tai Ji. One of the moves looked like grabbing the sparrow by it's tail into single whip.

  7. This form is called Bejing Quan Fa. And though they have all the postures the execution is terrible. The stances are way to high. and even when done at speed each posture should be strong and defined. I could say more, but, why bother?

  8. This is actually a profound observation and the truth is historically Taijiquan, being a relatively new art compared to the Changquan being represented here, was influenced by and takes a lot of its postures from Changquan gongfu.

  9. I also meant to say that the form performance was strong and solid in my opinion. The demonstrator only lacked smoothness in his transition between postures. That will come with continuous practice. How many of you commentators are doing that?

  10. I have never trained in any martial art. I just watch these videos because they're so fucking cool. I love Kung Fu especially old school Kung Fu movies 😛

  11. Instead of letting the form run through, aestethic Close Ups and Cuts in an Instructional that make it impossible to follow?? What a mess……..

  12. This is actually very fun to do, I decided to try it and am loving every minute. I thot I'd never be able to remember all the moves but practice practice practice and that muscle memory kicks in. I wanted to do kung fu but I have to wait u til the sifu who runs the school near me recovers from hip surgery….long wait

  13. They always seem long when you are learning them at first, but there always comes a point when can get through it unaided and you think to yourself, that seemed really short, surely I missed something out….

  14. The way he talks, he sounds like a Kenpo Karate instructor…(a compliment). The display and explanation are well done.

  15. i have a question about the punch-toe kick and the palm-heel kick. is the punch, respectively palm, supposed to connect or is it just a fake attack meant to draw the opponent's attention from the kick? because, you know, the kick extends further than the punch/palm so i'm a little confused.

  16. @ Vlaud the purpose of the kick punch is once the instep connects to the groin and the opponent hunches over you connect with the punch to the head.

  17. This is a great Long Fist basic form; however, the demonstrator's basic skills are extremely poor.  Quite apparently he learned just the form and did not start or spend much time with basic stance and stance movement trainings, a common mistake among American Chinese martial arts schools.  Such a lack in training truly detracts from the power, beauty, and effectiveness of a boxing style.

  18. This guy's actually doing it wrong. You're supposed to practice it slowly, emphasizing power and form over speed.

  19. What is the name of this set? I learned Wu Bu Chuan and Lien Bu Chuan. What is the Chinese name for this set?


  21. the demonstration at he beginning was good, but when he speeds it up to show you what it looks like in full speed he lost a lot of form and became sloppy… just my opinion…

  22. YES!!! Had a practice class kungfu yesterday. Doing some practice classes of different martial arts and then i'm gonna pick one to properly follow after summer and yesterday they thought me this form. So glad I can now practice this at home as well through this video. That way, if i choose to do kungfu I'll at least be able to do this one 🙂 They also thought me a tiger one that had a jump in it. Can't remember what that one was called

  23. Guys remember this is for you to practice it doesn't matter on how you think his form should be it matters on yours keep practicing the techniques work just keep an open mind and train

  24. I am a practicitioner at the School were both Sifu Karl and Robinson teach. They are beyond amazing and have a deep passion for martial arts.

  25. NCIS ?


    Good job,I enjoyed it…

    I would like to see a 2 man exact set or however many the primary is facing off against,,,Slow demo of each technique..

  26. I'm a black belt in this… Dont expect someone to actually fight you because you're not going to be equipped to defend yourself. Not to discourage anyone!! Keep training and keep your an open mind. Mostly towards Brazillian Jiu Ji tsu – It will help you…Especailly if you follow the gracies

    To the adults. Start slow and try BJJ and boxing.

  27. Great video. Reading the book on this style, it’s great seeing it in motion as opposed to pictures.

  28. I kind of regret quitting kung fu. I used to think that it would've been to much for me to manage since I also do taekwondo, but I probably could've managed it if I tried a little harder.

  29. Yi lu Chang Quan—it’s not really a martial form. It’s modern elementary wushu used for training common modern wushu motions. Lian Bu Quan is a martial form. Lian Wu Zhang is a martial form. This is stance/posture training.

  30. This looks exactly like a springing leg form taught by grandmaster Alan Lee at his kung fu wu su school ,looks a little sloppy though. He must just be learning the form ,

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