23 thoughts on “How to Do the Leap Into Pu Bu | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. Dude, there are tons of new thinks besides this that Howcast has made, you're probably not looking hard enough.

  2. hmm i thought i removed my comment i found the good vids and i thought i removed but guess not sorry for that i am going to delete that again

  3. if u watch the special feature form the avatar,
    fire bender and earth bender skill mostly come from shaolin kung fu :>
    water and air bender is taichi.

  4. Yeah Sifu Kisu made Bagwa for Airbending, Tai Chi for Waterbending, Northern Shaolin for Firebending and Southern Shaolin (Hugar) for Earthbending.

  5. Dammit you said it before me lol. Well I'll add something though, Toph's fighting stance comes from blind warriors who trained on an island, inspired by Sifu Manuel (Something like that). These blind warriors could defeat you as soon as you make contact with their body, they don't need sight to fight.

  6. wow didnt know about that
    but i guess it makes sense, once you train so much that each movement is natural reflex, even if you're blind you can fight

  7. I think Avatar is the main reason why I learn martial arts when I was young. I thought it was amazing and now I know Hung gar Kung Fu and a decent amount of Shaolin Kung Fu! I'm kinda proud after all that time I still practice and train. Now only if we could bend elements :0 lol

  8. Generally good, bu remember that in this stance BOTH YOUR FEET ARE PARALLEL (not apart). This demands that your HIPS are stretched before attempting this stance.
    Here we're talking about traditional Shaolin kung fu.

  9. I heard someone in the comments say both feet should be parallel.  This is wrong.  His back foot is definitely in the correct position, only his outstretched leg's foot is in the wrong place.

  10. pu bu originated from weapon skills for dodge sword and cut opponent's hand.
    also apply Thrown into the groin.

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