100 thoughts on “How To Do The Jump Rope Boxer Skip

  1. Yo, thank you so much for being so optimistic and helping us do this, I tried to do this move today because I've only started properly jumping today and all I can say is you really need to find your rythm, I did this today and it really got me pumped up, hope ya'll get this too
    and btw, is it normal for my shoulders getting sore while jumping?

  2. Do. The. Thing. just sent chills through my body and makes me want to get off of my ASS!! Thanks for the encouragement. love you guys!

  3. I am disappointed by myself for saying this, but I have to: Imagine your girlfriend boyfriend being like "Do the Thing" while you have that tattooed on your fingers… I'm sorry XD

  4. Freakin' Boxer Skip, driving me insane. I can comfortably manage around 10 different footpatterns now, and the odd (admittedly clumsy) Double Under, but can I do the Boxer Skip ?? NOOOOOO !
    So, as per this video, have gone back to basics, and so during an HIIT interval, of say 1 minute, just doing the foot pattern minus the rope. One day, I say ONE DAY, I will prevail!
    Keep up the good work Guys 😉

  5. great tutorial, thanks for the help, a few hours ago couldn't do any boxer skipping, gonna keep practicing the skip to get better….keep doing the thing playyyyyezzzz

  6. if you haven't noticed you are white. Why are you trying to act like an OG ghetto dweller. You do a crappy imitation. Pretend that you have a vocabulary of more than 500 words and maybe a modicum of English grammar.

  7. hey dudes; i hope you guys see this message. i'm trying to get the boxer skip down. i can do the boxer skip without the rope perfectly fine, but once i incorporate the jump rope into it, my brain can't combine the two together. i think the timing getting the rope underneath my feet is the biggest issue (especially the foot that i bend and toe-tap with) any tips please? thanks for all the help!

  8. Sorry, but I still keep tripping up – I don't understand how one foot is still on the floor but the rope can pass through… I don't think that's possible, so I'm doing it wrong. D:

  9. Does CrossRope deliver on the Philippines? Because I really want to buy their ropes. I'm using their app for jumprope workouts but I only use my regular jumprope.

  10. LOL, the right side of my headphones is not working so I can only hear the music from my left side hahaha

  11. Man i cant do it coz i cant make the rhythm between rope and legs…. But i can do regular bounce very easily

  12. great channel!…always wanted to learn how to jump..and with this kind of videos I really got to understand how to make those tricks…
    greetings from Honduras!

  13. 1:30 I know that you're a pro and I'm trying to make you look like have bad technique. But your right hand is working while the left is just holding the skipping rope handles.

  14. Hey, this looks like the rope is gonna get caught to the foot that is on the floor. Are we passing the rope under one foot only?🤔

  15. Do the thing is very similar to Professor Jordan Peterson and Admiral Will McRaven's concept of making your bed/cleaning your room to start off the day! Good wisdom is universal

  16. Hey guys, can pls tell me the difference between run in place and boxing skip? I know u shift ur weight alternatively on both legs, but I trip every time. Pls help.

  17. A few questions. First is there a way to weigh my jump rope? I got it from my elementary school. 2nd is a 1ounce or 2 ounce rope better, I plan on just jumping rope and trying to get as fast as I can. And 3 what's the difference between my jump rope from schools and the ones in your description considering there the same weight. I measured it and it's a perfect size for me. I'm considering buying one but want to make sure I can do half decent with what I got. I'm also working on building some muscle. In the future when my form is good, I will also get a 1-2pound rope.

  18. i just got it down today, i’m still struggling a little but i am going to keep practicing, thanks for the tutorial 💗💗💗

  19. I've been jumping rope everyday for 4 months now and it's still Tuff for me lol but I know I'll get it… Jump roping has become my passion and this is my favorite YouTube channel haha.. thanks guys for being such an awesome channel… P.s I did my first double under yesterday lol I know I'm slow it took me a while

  20. When you're doing the boxer skip here, are you pushing off with your foot (if so which one? The one that taps or the other?)? Or are you just shifting​ the weight of your feet but not pushing off?

  21. i didn't get shin pain until i tried these . do i need to keep my feet close together so the weight transfer from one foot to the other isn't so dramatic? im a fairly heavy person i lift weights often i just started jumping rope im 5 ft 7 180lbs im i too heavy?

  22. Yeah man ! I brought a new infinity cross rope and its really great… increased so much my skills. Sure ! Its the best rope of the world…great video…do.the.thing !

  23. i am smiling because his is exactly what i’ve been doing” lazy running” with the jump rope and so hat means i’m doing something right. i’ve been jumping consistently since July and just started to practice this move yesterday…hoping by end of month i will be better…scratch that, I will be better by end of the month

  24. I still can't do this. I've reverted back to this video from your new one. My feet still automatically go to run in place

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  26. if you plan to do north of 1000 skips a day, go with the boxer skip. your foot soles/plantar fascia will thank you.

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