64 thoughts on “How to Do the Face Block Technique | Taekwondo Training

  1. Ohh 🙁 I live in New York I do Taekwondo . But don't worry lots of people wish they can learn Martial Arts but some people don't have money or they just live in a poor country.

  2. There is definitely taekwondo in Algeria, you can even find Algerian taekwondo videos right here on youtube, Also try google searching for schools. If you contact and tell an instructor your story you might even get to try some free or discounted lessons. You never know until you try – good luck!

  3. thnx ;it is really kind of u to think about something i like i will do my best not just try ok since i live in a conservative society it will be a little bit hard however i will try thnx a lot

  4. as a martial artist myself this block is silly. somebody skilled enough could easily throw a second roundhouse with the same leg right to the ribs.

  5. I see what you mean, but I think the person throwing the kick would probably be off balance or there wouldn't be any room. If you see again them two are so close so the opponent can be clinched

  6. if hes throwing a kick to the head theres room for the kick to the ribs. plus balance depends on the martial artist. ive seen a three roundhouse in one motion. all im really saying is creating an opening to teach to begining is a bad pratice

  7. LOL, this is such bullshit. It doesn't work in real fighting or in sparring. You never see these types of blocks in TKD matches.

  8. Good blocking technique. I've been looking for a way to block kicks myself. I'm curious though, is there a chance an opponent's knee will hit the armpit? I'm a bit afraid of that. Thanks

  9. can u do a counter like that because i am having a tournement for taekwondo and i am representing my school

  10. "I like to slide in." Love it.

    I think it can work but you might as well say attack quicker. Kung Fu seems better at defending.

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  12. As a karateka it is very easy to block these kicks. I could see them coming a mile away. (And yes I have sparred with a taekwondo practicioner before)

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