17 thoughts on “How to Do the Crane Stance | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. After years of studying Karate Kid in an attempt to clone the technique, I see what was missing now. Excuse me while I practice on the first person I see…

  2. Well, after putting this to practice, it turns out that becoming off-balance and throwing out the weakest kick possible ( as seen at 0:47 ) is not how Daniel-san was taught. SHAMFURU DISPRAY

  3. They might be all very diferent, but they are all kung fu.
    Never said it is stupid, just that it looks that way while training.
    Neither have i said i can't do it. Its not a question of how strong you are, while training, it still looks stupid as fuck. Proof is the man on the video also looks stupid and i bet he's strong.

  4. this video sucks
    this monk sucks (an old man who does Tai Chi could beat him)
    but u can not conclude that kung fu looks stupid
    why can kung fu movies be so popular ?
    why does kung fu have so many fighting styles that any other martial art does not?

  5. Idk why kung fu have so many fighting styles or why it matters to you, but kung fu is popular because it is very, very strong and convolute.
    I don't think its a stupid martial art nor that it looks this way in fights, but out of context all moves seems odd and off and you can't foresee the use for many of them. Even the regular punch for many kinds of kung fu is very weird.

  6. thousands of years ago, ancient Chinese wars created these fighting styles.
    because of geographical barriers, these styles are quite different.
    you didn't know much about it because this is the history never taught in other countries.

  7. Lol. How can u demonstrate a stance when you can't even do it correctly. Go learn the horse stance first for balance. Then proceed into crane stance.

    Don't hop around on one foot trying to keep yourself balance.

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