70 thoughts on “How to Do the Butterfly Kick | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. is it bad to say that black people can't do martial arts??? unless its punch punch kick kick cus all the friend i have gather in the continents all the AFRIKAN can't do martial arts? ( i know white africans that live martial arts )

  2. His son looks like Tyler the creator from one view but still knowledgeable martial artist. Maybe not the best but what he says makes since.

  3. Go look up Master Dennis Brown a Grand Master and Master Tayri Casel they been around since the 1960s and they are black. Oh yeah Master Jessie Glover was Bruce Lee's first assistant and guess what he was black. Don't believe me research.

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  5. I'm really appreciating the step by step breakdown. I'm a beginner and my teachers are all Chinese. They don't teach like this – basically you just observe and keep trying until you get it. Watching a guided step by step is very helpful for me.

  6. good idea for learning it. the butterfly kick should not really be used as a kick itself because if you hit with the first foot you will crash. hit with the last foot might be a bit better but also not very safe. the butterfly kick is more of a wushu move and if ever used in a fight would be just to get space between you and the other guy(s).

  7. Omg when i went to new jersey this summer i went to edgewater and saw a chief that looks like a guy from the howcast video then i saw the name of Sifu Romain and went to the website and check and it was right!

  8. Sifu , you looked awesome when you did that. BTW are you suppose to kick with the right leg or left leg?

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