37 thoughts on “How to Do Sweep of 18 Hands Techniques | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. @ daggerchon If he lifts up his leg during a sweep you practice recalculating your position off his center and do a second sweep. If practiced continuously it is a single fluid move and being off his center prevents you from being stomped on.

  2. lmao try doing that to a wrestler or anyone that doesn't believe in unicorns and watch to many karate movies

  3. Awesome! I've always wanted to learn this technique after seeing it in Kung Fu movies as a kid. There have been a few occasions where I could have used this and didn't know how. Having done a few martial arts, and getting together with a friend and developing our own martial art, I'm adding this technique in from today.

  4. For the folks that say, "What if you just lift your leg up?" – this move (like many, if not all moves, in any sport) is all about timing.

    Suppose, for example, you wait for your opponent to throw a kick – now all their weight is on their back leg, at which point you drop and sweep their only support.

    Or, another example, you bait them into over-committing to a move (leave your head open, force a lunge punch) and now all their weight is on that front leg, so they cannot simply "lift it"; they are rooted for that moment in time.

  5. Hey I am training Taekwon-do ITF since I was 6 years old, and I have been training kickbox and mma for 5 years now and a KARATE GUY DID THAT TO ME LAST WEEK IN SPARRING SESSION… So you should prepare for any move. I am southpaw and he is orthodox so it works well against kicks apparently..

  6. Personally I believe that once you have the fundamental movement down, the application should be done closer to the opponent and you aim through the rear leg. Even if he does lift the front you break his root of the back leg. Just a personal observation. I like the way he does show and explain the move.

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