How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : How to Do Two Arm Bars in Sambo Martial Arts

STEPHEN R. KOEPFER: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Stephen Koepfer of New York Combat Sambo in New York City, and today we’re going
to show you Sambo combinations. Okay, this next Sambo combination is going to be involving
two arm bars, the second arm bar is in the case where he defends the first arm bar. So
he’s in my guard, I’m going to be attacking his left arm in typical fashion. I swing my
leg around; I go for the Arm Bar. What’s very common is that people will use their other
arm to post and pull this arm out, in which case I switch my hips to the other side, putting
my shin under his neck, still controlling this arm, swinging my free leg over his head.
Now I have the neck crank or a choke and an arm bar. Okay? So one more time, fast, switching
from left to right.

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  1. Maeda was a Judo student of Jigoro but the Gracies stated and it has always been stated that they were taught Jiu-Jitsu. Carlos Gracie stated he was taught Jiu-Jitsu and Helio states he was taught Jiu-Jitsu and Judo origins are from Jiu-Jitsu. Maeda sensi was Jigoro and although Jigoro create Judo he was a sensi of Jiu-Jitsu first and his Judo came form his Jiu-Jitsu. I don't know what Carlos was really taught but he and history says it was Jiu-Jitsu…I didn't make that up!

  2. Jigoro Kano was trained in Jiu-Jitsu and that's what he originally taught, in fact if Maeda was one of Jigoro's original students he learned Jiu-Jitsu first and then was taught Judo. The history of Jigoro Kano tells you this that his students transitioned over to the new system after being students of Jiu-Jitsu!

  3. In the early 1900's, a Japanese jiu-jitsu instructor by the name of Esai Maeda went to the state of Para in Northern Brazil. There he befriended Gastao Gracie, an influential businessman, who helped the Japanese get established. To show his gratitude, Maeda, also known as "Count Koma," offered to teach the traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu to Gastao's oldest son, Carlos!

  4. You guys are going to tell me that the Japanese who have this as history is wrong. The Japanese say that the Gracie's were taught Jiu-Jitsu who the hell are you to say they weren't?. Kombat you may be right about Mitsuyo not knowing Jiu-Jitsu, and I maybe wrong about the name but history states Maeda taught the Gracie's Jiu-Jitsu and now I know it was Esai Maeda and not Mitsuyo, but that does not change the fact that the Gracie's wer taught Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese history says so!

  5. Not to mention that there is film footage of the old school American wrestlers using the scissor leg choke well before bjj "created " it.

  6. I don't know anything about Bravo but if the twister is what I think it is… I didn't realize that every time I got a neck crank from a poor position with a leg triangle, that I was inventing a technique. Real samboist and wrestlers can play a technique from many different positions at least that's how I learned from Gokor, Gene Labell and Sonnon.

    So, to get the neck crank from that inferior position, you would need to isolate the movement and joint, hence the Leg triangle/saddle position.

  7. Who cares about who invented what. Learn new techniques, add them to your game and keep improving. It's a personal journey. The journey is more important than the destination. Tue in life and martial arts.

  8. Sure does. it looks just exactly like judo and Japanese Ju Jitsu too.

    BJJ has absolutely not ties to the creation of Sambo through lineage.

  9. like someone already said "everything has jiu-jitsu influence nowadays" Sambo, BJJ, and Judo are all relatives, through jiu-jitsu, so of course some parts look the same

    but aside :36 – :37 is the beauty in this move that's what it all depends on

  10. lol jiu-jistu bjj smbo what ever you call it usung grapple grabs takedowns in a fight as your main offence imo is the best wai and my favorite wai of fighting

  11. Leg Locks that sounds interesting thanks Acekicken… i would like look in to it to learn Sumbo

    also can you tell me how did Sumbo came about?…

  12. Viktor Spiridonov,was one of the founding fathers of Sambo which is an eclectic style of Russian folk wrestling as well as Asian Martial Arts & military training. Sambo is the 3rd style of international sports wrestling

  13. that is indeed a pretty nice move.

    i should remember this. in fact, ALL OF US should remember that move!

  14. HEllo Steven!! I have a question . Wiil you show vertushka throw in future???? You are great teacher, my dream is see it! What do you think about these throw. Regards from Poland!! KAROL

  15. It's funny how people comment about a martial art they more than likely no little to nothing about and then boast about a martial artist where most of what you see in films is choreographed and rehearsed to make an actor look good. Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan are good martial artists, they both did "human punching bag" work for Bruce Lee. Don't boast Hollywood stuntwork for something that doesn't validate what could turn out in a REAL practical fight….dumb ass….

  16. wut if ur on the street. u could hit ur head. in street fites people always bring their buddies too. so its not smart to go on the ground

  17. yes but during the fight..what would you rather happen?you stand up and try fighting them off and most likely get thrown to the ground and stomped or being stomped while giving an armbar and if they keep going just…snap it

  18. that is bjj move – "arm bar" or judo move – "juji gatame" ..if u interestend in russian combat sambo/sambo or me =) thumbs up 🙂

  19. Sambo and Bjj come from Judo I have a russian booklet that has blk and white pictures of that move. book was made in the 70's. Bjj is Old school Judo style competion…..Judo's founder changed the competition rules because he felt that students were not using enough good technique. Sambo is old school Judo with a mix of wrestling styles and a more combat emphasis

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