How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : How to Do a Distance Take Down in Sambo

STEPHEN R. KOEPFER: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Stephen Koepfer of New York Combat Sambo in New York City, and today we’re going
to show you Sambo combinations. Okay, this next Sambo combination is going to be involving
a strike and a scissor takedown but from a distance, okay? So my opponent is far away
from me. We haven’t clinched yet, and I wanted to kinda jump into this entrance. When I enter,
I’m going to be doing a wrap-around strike we did earlier and the scissor takedown we
did earlier. The only difference is now I’m going to do it from a distance. So we’ll do
it one-time fast, one-time slow, then we’ll do it one-time fast. You’re coming in, boom,
this leg through, into your scissor. Okay? It’s very important that this arm whip around
when you do the entrance. If you do the entrance properly, he won’t have time to compensate.
It’s very important that you suddenly enter.

19 thoughts on “How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : How to Do a Distance Take Down in Sambo

  1. i wouldn't b surprised man yeah u could and ppl should watch this and learn it properly in a way influence u then learn it correctly but what u just said i wasn't thinking that u could do that lol thnx

  2. "it's Really Important that you SUDDENLY enter" so in the light of that quote from the video i would guess that you don't just do this in the middle of the fight but because your @ a distance it's going 2 be a Starting combo that will lead to your foes down fall

  3. Idk if you ever watched a fight but their are times during every fight were a fighter is standing their winded thinking of what he can do next, thus he is open to this move or right at the beginning of the fight

    If your thinking " what if the person comes swinging at you" then you will wait for the person to get winded because punching at someone takes alot out of y ou after about 15 seconds

  4. What style? If its a traditional style like shotokan practice your punches, when i got real serious about it after i graduated college i did 500 punches each arm and 250 front kicks each leg every day for about a month. But doing this helps your speed tremendously aswell as your reaction time. After that becomes 2nd nature try some more advanced moves like the side thrust kick, roundhouse, back kick. side kick, and the straight mae geri.

  5. its best to trap an arm while youre doing a scissor takedown. usually, scissor takedowns get people by surprise, but if it was anticipated, then trapping an arm can decrease your opponent's punching power and lure them into a beautiful takedown

  6. …seems like a good way to get clocked in the face to me. But then again if he's not expecting it…i guess it could work.

  7. This move works but it is incredibly irresponsible to be teaching through online video. It poses an extremely high risk of injury on your partner and has been banned from many grappling and take down type tournaments. If you dont believe me then by all means keep practicing it, who needs knees these days anyways.

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