How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : Ground Transition Moves in SAMBO Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Stephen Koepfer
at New York Combat SAMBO in New York city, and today I’m going to be demonstrating beginning
SAMBO. In this clip, we’re going to demonstrate transition between the basic positions you
already learned. A continuity of movement on the ground is very important. It’s not
just about one position, it’s about being able to flow from all positions. We’ll start
in cross body. What’s important is that whenever you transition from one position to another,
you never break contact with your opponents body. So if I go from cross body to scarf
I keep this contact always leaning on him. Always keeping that contact, smothering him.
If I go from scarf to north south again, I don’t raise my body up. I lay on him controlling
his neck keeping the positions. Again switching from position, position. Never come up off
of his body.

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