How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : Doing a Low Inside Leg Kick in Sambo Martial Arts

STEPHEN R. KOEPFER: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Stephen Koepfer of New York Combat Sambo in New York City, and today we’re going
to show you Sambo combinations. Okay, this next strike-throw combination is going to
involve a low inside leg kick into an inner reaping takedown or single leg using your
legs. So from here, fighting stance, this initial kick is not designed to be powerful,
it’s just designed to be an entrance, so you can pendulum in your feet, aiming for his
inner thigh. We’re going to continue like all the other techniques, continue through
to our takedown. So, from here, boom, boom, take him down with your inner hook. You continue
that kick right around his leg for the inner hook. We’ll do it fast now. Then from here,
you pass his guard into a side position to continue your strikes, submissions, all the
different things that are available to you.

14 thoughts on “How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : Doing a Low Inside Leg Kick in Sambo Martial Arts

  1. true, but martial artists don't have, or need for that matter, big bulky legs…

    just because it looks skinny doesn't mean it's not strong.

  2. they have big legs but it's not necessary to have destructive kicks O_o. Yes, i imagine having bigger mass on the leg will develop more force. But big legs doesn't mean strong, i can prove it by olympic lifters… a guy who's like what 150 can bench 2 ~ 3 times his weight at such explosive pace and speed. having destructive kick is MOSTLY technique.

    but now that i look at their legs, yes LOL! they do need to hit the squat rack LOL holy shit.

  3. um, the only reason why his legs look tiny is because he's really tall for his weight fool.. and the reason why his kicks are powerful is because he has long legs. Physics man…

  4. Fool? Ha, you don't have to school me on physics. I know all about fight sciences. Not every fighter with long legs has the power of shorter legged fighters. The main reason he is so powerful is his incredible training. He is by far one of the most dedicated fighters in the game. There are many things that determine a fighter's ability to fight…and win. I knows best how to use what he has. No disrespect meant.

  5. I agree, look at Muay Thai fighters for example. Anorexic looking almost, but they'll turn your lights out QUICK! jmo

  6. i messed up in the end with his hand, at least it looked that way! He thought his leg would be able to grab the arm and it didn't!

  7. It's funny how all the arm chair psychologists immediately assume that people's replies to complete ignorance are always fueled by anger.

    I am not angered as much as I am bewildered at the fact that you would come in here and take a steaming shit all over this post.

    Who fucking cares what you think? You're not convincing anyone of anything, and you're acting like a menstruating girl.

    It's obvious that you know fuck all about martial arts. Therefore, u should stop talking about it. STFU.

  8. @iQSxClan tie him up in the clinch first, and setring a shot from there also don't neglect throws like an uhi mata or a hip toss

  9. I would have landed 3 elbows and a headlock before that even got thrown off I don't think that's very effective, just saying

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