How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : Doing a Foot Sweep In Sambo Martial Arts

STEPHEN KOEPFER: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Stephen Koepfer of New York Combat Sambo in New York City and today, we’re going
to show you Sambo combinations. Okay, in this Sambo combination, again, we’re going to work
with a knee strike but instead of doing a sacrifice throw, we’re going to go into a
foot sweep. Again, I have my grip. It can really be any grip. The grip is less important
as long as you have good control over your opponent’s shoulders. So, I’m working my knee
strikes, knee strikes. I’m going to go right into the foot sweep from here. Okay? One time
slow. Knee strike, knee strike, foot sweep. And now, one time fast. And again, always
control your opponent after the throw. One. Again, control by holding his arm, dropping
your knees onto his body so you can finish off with a good strike and leave him on the
ground waiting for help.

18 thoughts on “How to Do Sambo Martial Arts : Doing a Foot Sweep In Sambo Martial Arts

  1. why not someone goes to shove your shoulder or throw a wild looping punch trap it knee them foot sweep ground and pound 'em

  2. why dont you try having those holds on yourself 🙂
    oh and the tap out is so they stop and not risk any serious injuries.

  3. a true street fighter is NOT a martial artist. a martial artist could prob destroy a street fighter when playin by martial arts rules. a street fighter fights by a diff set of rules. on the street, if someone is determined to put an end to u, trust me, no matter what martial art u kno, ur goin down. u think john gotti, al capone, and all those real tough guys were known for their fighting skills in a cage? nah they smashed peoples brains out with baseball bats or shot them. THATS street fighting

  4. n they probably woulda never stepped into a cage if u challenged them…it's just a diff set of rules altogether. and you're right about martial artists being wiser than those wannabes by acting hard and whatnot. I might be able to put someone in a RNC, but what would that turn into? a lawsuit? time in jail? a serious beef that won't die? my death? I mean, it's just not worth it. That's why I think martial artists don't act like tough guys n start beefs with anyone.

  5. i agree, martial art skills are definitely better than no skills. too many people make street fighters sound like martial artists. But like I was telling the other guy, a martial artist is at a disadvantage on the street if he doesn't have the heart to go all the way, which the street fighter might. That means, if the martial artist runs into a real street fighter, then the martial artist risks getting stabbed, shot, batted out, etc. streets have a diff set of rules than the ring, even vale tudo

  6. @doctorsizzle You're right about the fact that both fighters have that option. But in reality, I still think that the martial artists is a bit more disciplined than to run for a weapon right away (which, sadly, may be his main weakness). Growing up, most of the people I knew were smokers, drinkers, etc and had no endurance. They knew they couldn't fight anymore the way they did when they were young. So they say they wouldnt waste their times in a street fight by throwing punches. (Continue)

  7. @doctorsizzle (continued) They run for a weapon immediately like a bat or golf club. It kind of negates the purpose of hand-to-hand combat. Another factor is that these same people don't really care much about getting locked up, hurting their careers (they usually don't have one), etc. whereas someone who studied combat would go to this as a last resort because of the consequences. I guess that's my point: street fighters don't care about consequences and that's why they're more dangerous.

  8. @doctorsizzle lol you're right bosses could make great use of martial artists for breaking thumbs, knees, etc. Now, the martial artist backed by a gang or mob is nearly invincible in my opinion. He can beat you up, and if you pull out a weapon, his people come and burn your house down and you're out on the lam lol.

  9. @SakoYo i dont want to interfer too much, but only one thing: There's no need to 'switch off' a feeling for caring for the opponent in a real fight. If you execute a judo throw, even an easy one such as the ippon seoi nage, a non trained opponent will break his back on the hard ground even though it is the same thing you practise during courses.

  10. I rolled with Bjj guys and they told me I had good Judo…..I just said thank you. I wanted to tell them I practiced SAMBO, but oh well. Both arts come from Judo anyway…..Keep up the good work. I love you vids

  11. No wonder Fedor is such a tough mother fucker, that's all wood they're tossing each other on haha. We at least use mats in my MMA class.

  12. @XMMAFANX they work on tatami; look at 0:46, the square under his foot moves as his performs the throw.

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