How to do Reverse Figure 8 Trick with Bo Staff

I have used the reverse figure eight before
in a few videos, but I wanted to give you a good look at what it actually looks like. Here is the movement Make sure you really understand the regular
figure 8 first, I will put a link the description or if you click on the top right hand corner
you will get to that video. We are going to start off in the same positioning,
but instead of the right hand coming down and across the left hand is going to come
up and across. The right then follows the left so that comes
up and across, down behind your back, and repeats on the other side. It does the same motion as the regular figure
8 it’s just in complete reverse. This move is typically used in transitions
and setups for other tricks and isn’t in forms as as often as the regular figure 8 is. So again, you want to think about this move
as a complete reversal of the regular figure 8, with the left hand leading and it is going
up instead of down across the body. Getting the hang of this trick will make it
a lot easier to do inside of other tricks. Thanks for watching to the end of this short
video. I hope you liked it, if you did please give
it a thumbs up, leave a comment below if you have a question or a suggestion, and to be
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