How to Do Chin-Na | Shaolin Kung Fu

Sifu Karl Romaine: Hi. I’m Sifu Romaine, and welcome to our video
on Shaolin Chin Na. Chin Na is a joint locking system. Chin means to seize. Na means to control. And today we’re going to demonstrate some
various techniques. The first technique we’re going to demonstrate
is what’s called mirror palm. So my partner is going to grab me and this
is what we call a same side grab. So for example, if I were to raise his hand
and he was in the mirror. Right. That hand would wave back. Like if this happened in the mirror, that
would be a little scary right? So we don’t want that. Now, some of the things we need to know about
Chin Na is it works on what we call push pull theory, which means you can only be strong
in one direction at a time. So, if he grabs and I try to go this way or
this way, there’s going to be some kind of resistance. So let’s say I was trying to push out here. When I go to push out, he doesn’t let me. He doesn’t allow me. He’s going to resist. He’s going to push against me please. Right. So, now I’m going to go this way and take
him down. Let’s try it again. So again. I push against him. He doesn’t allow me. I go here. And I bring him down. Which is great. But what if he has two hands? If he has two hands, again, I can just pick
one hand to go to. All right? Just pick one side, and again, bring him right
down. That’s for equal, but sometimes a partner
will grab you across. Now again, remember I said we have push pull. Right? So I can go this way or this way with him
as well. So, let’s say a I tried to go forward and
he didn’t allow me. Great. I just take him this way, and then I lock
him up right here. Let’s demonstrate a Chin Na from the rear
grab. So now he’s going to grab my shoulder. This one is called turn aside and strike the
groin. I’m going to counter grab him. As I grab and hold a hand, bang. Reaching in striking the groin. Taking a hand, lifting it up off my shoulder,
I can control the fingers, or, just take him down. This is a great one for law enforcement. Sometimes we get into what we call lock flows,
which means I put him in one lock, he tries to do something, I put him in another. So, in this lock flow, we’re going to start
with same side grab. First I’m going to go here. And I’m going to bend his arm as I do this
lock. So he doesn’t like that, so he’s going to
turn away. As he turns away, I then stretch him out into
another lock. From here, he’s going to try to punch. As he tries to punch, I go around with him,
and I take him back down. I am Karl Romaine. This concludes our demonstration of Shaolin
Chin Na.

46 thoughts on “How to Do Chin-Na | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. all kung fu originate from shao lin, japanese and koreans took over and developed over the years their own style

  2. NOT TRUE! The religion came from a man who lived their, there was no real kung fu at the time. it was developed much later

  3. U do realize that there are martial arts hieroglyphs, right? Everything began in Africa. Everything. You dont have to believe me because everything is written in stone for u to see if u ever wanted to. I believe it is called "montu". Lesson.

  4. Chinese grapple techniques are a bit more lengthy than the japanese counters, though there are many similarities.

  5. They're extremely different, trust me.. I've practiced in Karate, TaeKwonDo, and am currently doing Shaolin and it is incredibly different from anything I've done before. It's only hard to tell the difference from the outside looking in.

  6. @zenmaster Qi not all kung fu come from shaolin. Shaolin is only 1,500 yrs old, not only that but shaolin is base on 108 different kung fu styles, which would mean kung fu is alot older then shaolin

  7. Why isn't this used in MMA more? Kung Fu is one of the older styles and all I can see in MMA is San Shou (even that's second fiddle to Muay Thai). And no, it doesn't 'suck' if you get Japanese martial arts like Judo and Karate so there must be another reason there's a lack of Kung Fu

  8. It's not used in MMA because many of the techniques just aren't allowed. Small joint manipulation, groin strikes, strikes to the throat etc etc aren't allowed. That's why I don't think MMA is valid for comparing martial arts. Nobody is going yo drop into a guard if going strikes, eye gouging etc are on the table.

  9. These techniques are very like what I used to learn at my old hapkido school.  In fact, the first technique is one that I actually tested on!

    I take aikido now; they'd call the move, "kotegaeshi.'

  10. sou faixa preta em Taekwondo,roxa de JiuJitsu e treino a arte Shaolin do meu País a Capoeira tem uma semelhança nas técnicas de Capoeira com KungFu rasteiras,chutes& acrobacias etc sempre disse que a Capoeira é o KungFu do Brasil antes disso treinei muitos anos de Karatê Shotokan,não há como negar KungFu é a arte mais completa de todas,com mais técnicas,estilos de arte,Taekwondo,Karatê artes geradas do KungFu uma grandiosa arte

  11. Chin na is like a chinese version of jiujitsu, is very nice i like it so much, great techniques and very effectice

  12. for all you ju jitsu and other Japanese martial arts fans please remember Chin Na and most other mainland chinese systems came long before the Japanese systems.

  13. Dude, the choice of white shirt is contrary to a good 3D description of a body in a position, both stationary or in movement. Try using light gray with 2 different shades of gray, one for each opponent and see the difference in any attempt of creating an accurate description

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