76 thoughts on “How to Do Blocking & Attacking Patterns | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. for defending yes. for the art yes. for self control yes. for bragging about it showing off you can beat anyone with it. wich u can. no

  2. right
    Bruce Lee wrote many good works
    His thoughts are really impressive.
    Using no way as the way, using no limitation as the limitation.

  3. if that meant he was not violent or only self defensive as your or his saying using no way as no way is kind of false no offense to him, in his movies he was known to hit people on purpose just to show how tough he was or to show how he could hurt people, even if it was on accident when he showed people his moves he hurt them obviously on purpose. But he was a cool guy I know that, but he shouldn't have hurt people on purpose.

  4. doing these specific patterns in a street fight won't be very helpful perhaps, but the basic forms and reflexes that you learn from practicing this likely will help you.  also, this is just one tiny section of Kung Fu.  if this is all you know, yeah you're gonna get your ass handed to you but if you are a shaolin kung fu master and someone of reasonable intelligence, you'll likely wipe the floor with a street fighter.  just because these guys are about grace and beauty doesn't mean they can't whoop your ass.  

  5. Hung Gar. I do like what it has to offer, there are obviously some applications that probably would be a waste of time in a reality situation. None the less a great starter art at least.

  6. I'm pretty sure that the sequences in the shaolin forms are not punches and blocks. It's far more likely they were recording grappling techniques; joint locks, wrist locks and the like.
    You don't need to record punches and blocks, punches are too fast and blocks don't work.

  7. Very nice. Tan Tui is one of the most effective styles of Kung Fu. It emphasizes on footwork and on putting power on the techniques using the legs. But the fact that it uses a very elaborate footwork makes it very effective, in specially in UFC where the fighters move a lot. Against such opponents, you need to be very mobile and that's exactly what Tan Tui teaches you.

  8. It is very different from other Kung Fu technic,but enemy also can't recognize your style and one can easily beat them.

  9. Fancy uniforms for some silly movements, many of the open-handed blocks against kicks will break your own fingers!

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