How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Upper Cut in Kung Fu

Thank you for coming back. Now we talk about
the techniques of upper cut. Upper cut; where are you heading to? It’s from the bottom to
the chin. Now take a look, this is a pretty chin. I don’t care if its double chin, split
chin or sharp chin, with an upper cut because this is a very critical moment. If someone
is holding and putting hands right here, the only thing you can do is just go for the chin.
Sometimes it’s illegal in tournaments. Now when it comes to the chin, imagine that you
have a string pulling from your toes to the chin. You see this and then after that generate
your power from your powerhouse from here. You’ve got to turn because once you turn it,
it generates right there, but when you want to show two of them. You go from here. After
that you twist still coming from the power house and then it goes right to that little
chin. If this one is being hit, the mouth shut, the mouth shut and bite the tongue.
I don’t recommend that.

45 thoughts on “How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Upper Cut in Kung Fu

  1. Sifu Li an ning? Varför mytar du för? Du heter typ… Kalle. Du är svensk, sluta leka hobby asiat -_-'

    Sensei Yoshi Yukawa, Bor i Stockholms området, en Japansk f.d karate instruktör med svart bälte i femte Dan. Tänkte att du borde känna till lite sådant eftersom du säger att du är en lärare inom det.

  2. master li i am a young learner. i have been watching your videos for 2 days now. i have been through at least 10 lessons. you are a great master. the only one i have.

  3. I know you THOUGHT that one uppercut was fast, but that's because you're dumb. He actually threw 47 uppercuts in this video.

  4. This guy is very good. None of that cat stance, tiger claw bullshit from 1000 years ago. Just basic easy stuff to learn. That works on the streets.

  5. This guy doesn't teach Kung Fu. He teaches boxing and kickboxing, but not Kung Fu. I would never train under him.

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