Hi everyone welcome, now we are talking about
side kicks. There are at least two types of side kicks. Side kick with chamber and a side
kick without chamber. A side kick with a chamber is great for self defense, because you are
sending that person out, you are sending that person this way. Now side kick with chambering,
with chambering. Without chambering, without chambering it is so straightforward and no
body turning to the side, watch without chambering, without chambering. Without chambering it
is a lot faster it depends on where you are kicking. Now here we are at the punching bag.
He is putting his hand up. Sometimes you will see the Tai Kwan side kicker they always drop
their hands down. Why? Because it’s faster. If you want to drop your hands down you want
to make sure that the distance is long. If you are this close of course, you have got
to put your hands up. Now assume that he is in close range and he is going to deliver
a side kick. Right to the ribs is good enough because like I said punching in the stomach
will not be as touch as throwing a kick to the stomach. Because that foot to the stomach
would damage internal organs if you throw it right. One more time this is a 120 pound
kick bag. Go. Now next one, thank you. He just showed the chamber mood. How about using
the front leg? If using the front leg you see this with the momentum, with the momentum.
We have to pop this one off the floor, pop this one off the floor, pop this one off the
floor. Ready? We have to pop it by shrinking your body like a ball and send it out. Again.
Now this is the way I always practice the power kick. Difficult but I love it and after
that you can send it out, go for it. This one is going to be a powerful side kick because
with someone holding your shoulder you can jam it straight into the ribs. Thank you for
working the Kung Fu Program and I will see you later.

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