Hi welcome back again, now round house. Most
of the fighters say this is their favorite kick. You have seen the fighters with pride
all kind of fighting, even cage, they love doing this kind of round house kick. They
love doing this kind of round house kick. They go whang and they pivot, whang, pivot.
Well at this level you won’t be able to reach it. In a round house kick where are we kicking
to? Of course right here we have to chamber. At this moment you are seeing my stomach,
in a moment you will see my back only. If you are still seeing my stomach or my ribs,
that’s wrong. Now let’s go for the rib level. If we go for them, we go right there. Now
there are some people specializing kicking right here. Like I said here is the blood
vessel. Once this muscles gets shocked, that person will be off for a while. That’s the
way you kick. Look at this. It goes whang. Take the whole foot and throw it to here.
But there is someone who likes to give it right on the cheek, right on the cheek, right
on the cheek. Now this way I was using the instep but if I use the ball of the foot,
if you use the ball of the foot you want to kick right here but the most convenient way
is the rib because when it comes to the ball of the foot it goes boom. But remember if
you jam your toes into the stomach it depends on whose stomach or whose toe is stronger.
Most likely when it comes to round house kick and you use the ball of the foot it is called
short distance kick and most likely long distance is better because you prolong the distance
of the leg. Now let me show you how my student practiced the round house kick, the lower
portion, and ready to begin. You see that their footwork combined with the way they
kick. Now switch to the front leg, boom, and boom. Now switch to the other side, go. So
they can mix them all together. Now I don’t know just go for it. So I hope this gave you
a great idea of a round house kick.

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