How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Horse Stance in Kung Fu

Hello everyone, welcome back. I would like
to lead you to another subject called kung fu. But before you jump into the world kung
fu you got to know, kung fu require a lot of stances and let’s begin with it. The first
one is called horse stance. Why we call it horse stance? Take a look. Bend your knee,
open it up. This a horse stance. Why? Imagine that you are riding a horseback. Meanwhile
your back is completely straight you don’t arch your back forward or leaning backward.
It got to be straight up. And in the old days of Shaolin Temple those monks would stay in
this position for hours because this really trained their thigh muscle. Not only that,
the strength of the legs. If you try to put your feet out, no, this is not called horse
stance. This a bad one. You got to put your feet completely inwards or make them parallel
to each other. In this kind of stance you don’t use it for self-defense. You don’t use
it in the ring, no, because it’s hard to move. But when it come to weapon, yes! In the old
day those soldier carry long weapons and this will help them to balance themselves. Now,
about straight punch. You see this? Try not to use your shoulder. It’s a snap. Then when
I’m changing to the other fist you see this there’s a tracking. There’s a tracking. There’s
a tracking. There’s a tracking. Now if I try to elevate the level of the fist, same thing.
Snap, snap, and snap again. But still you got to squat down with your horse stance because
this is the basic training and later on we are going to move the subject on to blocking
too. With the same horse stance. So that covers up the subjects of horse stance. Thank you.

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  1. yeah…of course it depends on the style…
    but he s not talking about any style..he is talking about training….and for training…the best its to have the thigs parallel to the ground…

  2. actually, guys. jia2001 is right. traditional horse stance would have the thighs parallel to the ground and the feet slightly nonparallel to each other.

    the horse stance is used for leg conditioning. and the horse stance shown here isn't really putting too much strain on those legs…

  3. Yeah when you do horse stance the thighs must be parallel to the ground. All my past teachers emphasized you should always go as low as you can handle.

  4. in my kung fu classes i did it for 1 hour and a half omg my legs hurted like hell and i finished kung fu classes

  5. i go to kung fu classes and they put me to do horse stance and do some punching drills and i realize i did that stance for an hour and im just a kid

  6. @dondongo666 it was low enough since my arms would have hurted because i would be doing 40 push ups if i did it wrong

  7. @Xgloomshadow It isnt for self defence, its an exercise that helps to strengthen the core muscles in your legs and back

  8. @Xgloomshadow if u know how effective it actually is you will shut your trap…..its not really for self defense per se but it CAN be used (with astounding results) ONLY if you are very versed in kung fu…but it is used mostly as a strength and force traing tool (and also to cultivate energy).. :)))

  9. @Xgloomshadow It trains your body and balance, and certain key muscles which, when strong, are very good for self defense. I wouldn't try this in a fight, but you can bet your sweet… SWEET ass that I'll do it in the comfort and safety of my bedroom.

  10. I start Kung Fu today with my friend. We're both extremely nervous and excited at the same time. We saw the master (I'm not sure how to refer to him) at our local Kung Fu place doing the horse stance on a bunch of nails.

  11. your students in the background are making your school look bad, during the video they kept going up and up. FOCUS is key, and you are very high as well. My teachers horse stance is about 1 foot off the ground.

  12. Wow, expertvillage isn't as bad as i thought afterall. By the way, there are 2 horse stances. Kibadachi and shikodachi, one is having your feet inwards and other is outwards (in that order), so technically it's not wrong having you feet outwards, it can help you stretch the thighs as well as strenghten them :).

    Well done sifu, for the instructions.


  13. when my father was a child, if he misbehaved in class at school then he'd be made to endure the rest of the lesson in the horse stance. just a little history 😉 i personally could only just about manage a minute XD serious respect to those guys who train like this

  14. @MissDumbledore yea me too. i couldnt hold it for five minutes. but then i tryied one day and i got 20 mins. its fun but painful!

  15. @mmacritics I read in a taichi book about the two stances ur referring to, they explained that the southern chinese did the knees outwards, and the northern did the knees and feet inward, or maybe the other way around, dont remember really, but they reffered to them as northern and southern stances

  16. Watch the guys in the background whenever the guy differentiates between the horse stance and the bear stance. Hehehehe.

  17. What are you people talking about peace if you are on a street and you get attacked you don't just say Hey heres my money can i buy you a drink.Kung fu is not just about this or that it is a hole series of forms and things you have to learn

  18. In Binh Dinh Kung Fu ( Vietnamese Kung Fu ) this is called sho mentan. I dont know how to spell it but that's how it's pronounced. This stance was used to get into a low position by the vietnamese in the war against China to cut/wound the legs of the horses in the chinese cavalry.
    Just thought I'd let you know 🙂

  19. Silly question, but if I did this every day and did 5 sets for the longest I could do this, do you think it would help with squats. I mean I don't do martial arts ( I did tae-kwon-do but I didn't like it), but this is fun to do and I would like to know if it would be useful for stuff like squats.

  20. yo i was doing these air punches and i hurt my shoulder pretty bad. i had to rest it for over 2 weeks. any advice for doing punches like this?

  21. @ninja39936 ah thanks for the advice, ill work on strengthening my shoulders. it seems impossible not to use your shoulder while punching tho lol, ill try to do it as least possible.

  22. @commanderkool cos when you do hooks n stuff your ment to move your body with the punch same way as you move your body with your kick

  23. @commanderkool Why did you hurt your shoulder? When you do a basic punch your shoulder should not rise if your doing it correctly. Also work more on speed and accuracy then power.

  24. just asking anyone who knows. how wide should my feet be apart? i can do it, but i'm not sure if i have the distance right

  25. i practice karate and gung fu n the puches he was usin was defiantly karate style of punches deffintly not gung gu n was pretty mediocre at best he forgot to watch his off hand while punchin

  26. pause ctfu i know im not and im not givin advice to a master 🙂 if he is or u think he is den…….. lookin at him he probably is a advanced beginner or a level or so before that …. ps. mind ur own business in less it was provin me wrong about wat i said kid thanks

  27. well lol i am a horrible at spelling in i was tryin to talk n m.i. so what type of gong fu is this guy a master of??

  28. i dont know i took shou shu but when i do horse stance my knees felt like they were going to break and some of the moves we do has lots of knee bending and it just dose not feel comfortable i might try something different that is less stressful on the knees i might just try wing chun dont know my opinion

  29. esos dos vatos de atras se ve que son novatos xk no saben hacer caballos estan encorbados y no bajan la posicion debe quedar en escuadra muy buenos sus aportes de esye xifu

  30. He said the feet need to be parallel, how come so many vid show guys having their feet pointing outward instead of inward or parallel.

  31. i like how he has the 2 assistants mirroring the stance. letting you see 3 viewpoint profiles rather than one.

    VERY thoughtful

  32. Obviously not a good teacher. Watch the discrepancies in form of the people in the back. Knees aren't over his feet. Hands too high.

  33. Whyyyyyyyy??? Not a kung fu teacher again who says that the horse stance isn´t for fighting… This is one of the most false statements ever you can say when youre educated i kung fu. IT IS FOR FIGHTING! Your not standing in front of your enemy, youre standing sideways to your enemy behind his front leg. Then you can do the tiger stance to pull his leg away or the bowstance to hurt his knee… FUCK I SHOULD DO SOME VIDEOS TOO

  34. says you can't use the horse stance in a real fight. lol that is not true.  I was sparring on time and my opponent tried to take me to the ground, so I sunk into horse stance and he couldn't do anything.

  35. I wonder if he really speaks like that in real life or he just created this way of talking just to sound more "kung fu-ey"…..

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