How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Hook in Kung Fu

Hi there, welcome back. We just learned how
to do the jab punch. Now, let’s discuss the hook punch. When doing this, try not to raise
your elbow. If you raise your elbow, it leaves you open to be hit. Instead, throw the hook
punch by forming a small circle with your arms and going in and out with your fists.
Let me show you from these two angles. Now, let’s demonstrate with your opponent wearing
the pads on his hand. Do not swing your arm all the way out from your side. This should
only be done by those who have broad shoulders. If you look at me, you’ll notice that I am
small, weighing only 147 pounds. How will I generate the power that comes from bringing
the punch from that distance? Although, my opponent’s shoulder is big, I have powerful
hips. From this stance, I will incorporate my body strength, to throw my punch. Keeping
your arms close to your body, and holding your fists, up near your face, throw your
hook punch. If your punch makes contact with your opponents face, how effective is it?
As a rule, most people cannot take a lot of pressure to the jawbone. Remember, to throw
the punch, generating power, from your ‘powerhouse’ which are your hips. This concludes the discussion
of the hook punch. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Hook in Kung Fu

  1. LOL! The person you demostrating it on in the begginning looked scared that you were gunna hit him! LOL

    aladinthemonkey was here! 😛 lol
    well….this is actually his sister! 😛 tehe,he went to high school now….

    i just feel like typing dats all….

  2. When he was showing his hook on that guy (when he was getting close) it almost looked like he was gunna miss and wack him across the face.

  3. This Guy really shows his experience as a REAL FIGHTER. He has excellent technique and hes a very good teacher. I didnt think anyone could teach me anything that I didnt already know about the hook, until I saw this demonstration Thanks for the video lesson!

  4. You understand what im trying to say?? thank you!

    dood this cat is epic wit it lol

    and the assistant kinda got scared when he was punching when his glove was off lol

  5. No Defence and its 2 wide.
    A hook Punch should be short and tight and snap with the hips and back to defence or further combinations.
    Like this if you miss the Hookpunch, The opponent could damage you badly with a hard cross.

  6. Thank you for focusing on the combat aspect of Taijiquan, it's a rare thing. I've been a practitioner for several years and it's a sad thing the most peoples Taijiquan is devoid of the thing that made it a martial art to begin with, combat/self-defense effectiveness. Keep doing what you are doing, sir.

  7. @korniksme

    Good neija training. Form practice, Qigong, and pushhands will all help strengthen the lower dantien (powerhouse). Also certain *strength* lifting can increase the power chain as a whole, in addition to developing a strong and flexible core. Think kettleballs and olympic weight lifting. Better yet, find a good instructor in any neijaquan/internal martial art and a good strength trainer (good luck with find a good internal martial arts instructor. Thats a rarity.).

  8. @choudu1234 basically gain flexibility in your hips, strengthen your abdomnials and lower back, and learn how to generate hip rotation when throwing your techniques. While a move coming off your arm can definitely hurt, the same technique with a hip drive behind it hurts aloootttt more.

  9. @choudu1234 mmmhhmmm ^_^ It's something i need to do more of myself, before i got the plethora of injuries i have now i used to be extremely fast and able to kick very hard and punch even harder 🙁 Lots of catch up work to do.

  10. I can see This guy know about Jeet June Do. Bruce Lee taught this before. And this master having good explanation.

  11. Short hook using torso rotation to generate force, great pointer vid, many lightweight boxers use the same technique as opposed to the full shoulder haymaker of the heavier classes. Its faster and packs just as big as a punch.

  12. guns are more efficient. It takes upwards of a minute to beat down 5 guys with kung fu. With a gun, time is reduced to 10 seconds.

  13. @teachmekungfu

    in reality, Kung fu ain't saving you from a gang. In reality, you end up beat to death or worse.

  14. @bigtruckseriesreview what i meant to say is, how can commoners get a gun (its illegal)..and anyway it can prevent u from getting mugged. i learnt the white crane a few years ago and it helps alot.

  15. does anybody know where i can buy a real pair of kung fu hooks? i already have a pair of stainless steel one

  16. interesting because this is the exact opposite of what i learned in boxing. maybe faster and deceptive than a boxing punch, but less structure behind it than a boxing punch i guess?

    another addition to the toolbox. 🙂

  17. Thrown from the hip. Not just the powerhouse being his hips but he kept dropping his hand low before throwing it.

    Also is the hook a modern take on kung fu or is it actually in the syllabus of a style. I've always thought kung fu has so many styles that a hook has to be in their somewhere.

  18. Horrible hook, good body movement, but you need your elbow high, if u throw it right theres no way someone will block it with just they're hand, cause of all the weight that comes with it… And after he thows his hook, he drops his hand way too low, i mean what happens if he misses?

  19. There are definitely systems that use hooks. Wing Chun actually has a slight variation of a hook in it, but it's not quite the same. At least traditional does.

    I've seen some mantis people use hooks and in the forms there are motions that can be interpreted as hooks, depends on the school. I've learned forms from a few other systems that had variations of hooks as well. Closest to a boxing hook I found in some mantis form, depending on interpretation of the movement of course.

  20. No problem. There are also some long arm swings in some systems where it starts at full extension and as it gets closer to the target, it curves in. That could be interpreted as a form of hook too. Depends on the teacher and on the student what moves mean what. But yeah, I can at least say not every motion is perfectly straight out of the probably thousands of kung fu systems xD

  21. Hi do you think that I can generate more power punching fast without pushing or better that I'll push when I'll touch the target?

  22. A hook punch the second knuckles hit first then the wrist flips in and the third knuckles and second time.  A roundhouse punch the fist is flipped around so when it comes around arch the knuckles face you. The Paper Tigers is a book by Allan Ondash that will help any martial artist determine what is real and what is not.  It is very comprehensive leaving no stone untouched. It is the “Hell’s Kitchen” of martial arts.

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