How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Front Kick in Kung Fu

Wait, wait, wait, and wait. Now at this moment
you just saw what they were doing and you can assume what we are going to be doing,
that’s right, front kick. Front kick, now mainly you have got to raise your knee. Now
you see that. If I had kept my knee straight I could kick you and if you would have thrown
me a round house kick it is going to pop my knee. Why don’t we do that? By bending the
knee and hands up. If you want to throw a snap take a look at my foot. If you want to
throw a strike, now let’s see the difference. Let’s see another type of kick. So now take
a look. That’s the way they are going to kick each other but without blocking, without blocking.
Slowly where are they kicking to? Right in the jingle bell tree. That hurts. Now remember
every since Christmas you can replant the Christmas tree but when it comes to the Jingle
Bell Tree you only have one per life so therefore, you have got to use your down block. Now look
at that the shift. You see this? Now why can they not kick with both legs? Because as I
say they are shifting their power and shifting their balance. Take a look at their foot work
and now they can even send it deeper by pushing their stomach in. And this kind of exercise
will help them to kick without thinking. Thank you, stop. Hey you are brothers. Now that
was the show of front kick. Thank you for watching.

31 thoughts on “How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Front Kick in Kung Fu

  1. It actually works. It's a matter of skeletal alignment vs. muscular strength. Skeletal alignment will win almost every time unless your opponent is a complete monster…

  2. Thanks for the explanation. There are many strong people (we can't always judge our opponents just by their appearance, I have seen people not "monsters" but unbelievably strong and unaffacted by kicks and punches, you can't fight them too long since you would be the one getting tired), and considering I am a small person, I am not sure my skeletal alignment would protect me much against the opponent (it would probably break my wrist) – even if I were studying martial arts for many many years.

  3. I'm a practicioner of a weird personalized method of Wing Chun, and skeletal alignment doesn't require size.. my entire style is based on muscle memory and skeletal structure (and physics concepts), and even though I haven't practiced the method shown in the video, you can block with a palm strike against an upward kick, just make sure you strike with the base of your palm or you'll damage your hand. Extending your arm like this turns your arm into a pillar, which is hardest to break vertically.

  4. Why not just teep? That looks weak, arent your toes really easy to break. Thats all I'm seeing here, a toe kick…

  5. I'd love for this guy to read me bedtime stories, but I wouldn't learn martial arts from him

    FYI, people, don't try to block a kick heading for your nuts like that…they're not actually stopping the kick with their arm bent like that.

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