How to Do Basic Kung Fu : The Cat Stance in Kung Fu

Hi, there. Welcome back. Now, at this moment
we talk about the subject of cat stance. You see that? You see the toes. Cat. Why do we
call it cat stance? When cat get scared, meow, the legs they are. The legs what shows that
standing on the balls of the foot. Now, this goes cat stance. Why? Because it’s very convenient.
Like I said, scary cat. Look at this. If I move forward, they’re are able to move their
knees up. Most of all, Wing chun fighter loves this stance. They love this stance but in
kung fu they do snake. They can do a tiger move. They can do it this way. It’s all in
their, what? Cat stance. But take a look. Later on in kung fu, in self defense we will
talk about double cats. Double cats, you see my legs, double cats. And then, swinging cats.
Swing cats or what we call butterfly. Butterfly. Tai Kwondo fighter love this. You see this?
The legs, look at my heel. It’s always up there. If you see someone good at this, you
make sure that, I’m pretty sure he’s good at kicking. But if he’s moving upper body
and shoulders, he’s a boxer. If he’s doing this, he’s a kicker. That’s all I can tell
you about cat stance. He’s quick, he’s quick. Once he lifts both legs, you have to assume
he’s going to kick both legs, either one of them. Because he’s shifting. But if he’s standing
right there, not to worry. If you see the balance like this. You don’t have to worry,
he’s going to shoot with the front leg only. If he’s doing this, watch out. It could be
this leg, it could be this leg. So you be very very careful. Again, if he’s doing this,
both legs can be a possible turn to a kick. Thank you.

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