How to Do Basic Kung Fu : Blocking In & Out in Kung Fu

Hi welcome back again. Now I assume or I believe
that most of you have seen the tape called Karate Kid. When Meyoke says wax on, wax off.
Look at that again, wax on, and wax off. Actually in karate, in kung fu, wax on, wax off, on,
off, on, off. That’s all about it. Now when it comes to front stance on, off, on off.
Now when it comes to cast stance on, off and later we will talk about when it comes to
tong fa on, off, on, off. Now when it comes to the fighting position it is very practical
hands up, boom, that’s all. At this moment I will show it to you. Please come over. I
am going to touch his shoulder. He is in fighting position. Of course he is not going to use
the classic stance because it will never happen on the street. It’s a hook or if it is a straight
punch or an inverted touch. You see that. Now how about switch to the other side. How
about use the back hand. Why are we using the back hand for outside block? Imagine that
when you are going to take a roundhouse kick are you going to use outside block? That’s
not going to happen. One outside block, forget it, you’ve got to use two hands. You have
got to use two hands, one hand; he’s going to block one hand. So two hands. That hurts
my shin. Two hands. When you see someone who is skillful aim for the head and don’t use
one hand, always use two hands. Go out and in, out and in. When it comes to elbow, if
you use one hand you are in trouble. Take a look. If you use the elbow, it is sharp
and it goes this way and it will bounce to your own eyes. If you use two hands it is
so solid and remember when I elbow him I might go for the other side. Look at this out and
in. You see this one. Again. Now if you are lucky enough he’ll use one hand to protect
his face, he’ll hit his own face; sock his own thumb right in the mouth. Two hands. Later we will incorporate with block and straight
punch. Take a look that if I touch this one, something is going to come out; if I touch
this one something is going to come out. So after this kind of training it will help you
to develop the combination of block and straight punch. How about inside punch? Look at it
slowly, inside block, boom, inside block; boom and now put them all together. Good.
Now show it one more time, snap it. So block is very important. If you think block is useless,
that is okay we are coming into a free country but if you don’t like block why don’t you
take it with your face?

100 thoughts on “How to Do Basic Kung Fu : Blocking In & Out in Kung Fu

  1. he has an hypnotic voice that's what's happening.
    I like his voice so much as the 7 thousando watched this video, because he has a safe voice and that's hypnotic. No tremblings, even when he talks it looks like he "whispers" and speaks soft… 🙂 very good video buddie,! 😀

  2. "if you thing block is useless now its ok ,because we have come in to the free country" ……………


  3. now thats the second one of expert village how knows what he's doing!!! great! 🙂
    (had seen many others before ;D)

  4. no offense but he is trying to put down boxing when the kung fu artist clearly doesn't know how a boxer could stop a round house kicks, let me tell you a real life story, before I knew fighting all I knew was how to kick, so I tried kicking a boxer and he just backed away or circled around it, and he also did a lean boxing has the ultimate defense but I can see if a kung fu artist tried to kick low it might work but still the boxer might back away or light his leg so please to all…

  5. so please to all martial artists putting boxing down or kick boxing even though it's not called an art and you think fighting stylish and pretending to have the ability to punch a hole in a boulder please don't put boxing down, would I made a video and was like " OK first I am going against a kung fu artist he's going to kick me but wait, I can just back away from it see how stupid this fighting style is!" it's just like if I did that to a martial artist does it feel good, no it doesn't and…

  6. and guess what I am a boxer, but I know some martial arts so please nobody argue or hate me, plus I am just clearly showing how the guy is being ignorant to boxing and other fighting styles can't we all just live in peace in the fighting world just be like " OK cool you know kung fu, well I know boxing" Other person: " Awesome! I know boxing!" anyways just agree we all have our strengths and weaknesses in fighting most boxers don't kick well, well most martial artist don't know many…

  7. most martial artist don't know many punches or how to not be open when the block well there you ago and there you go be sound that every fighting has weaknesses and strengths or they are all simular or agree to disagree.

  8. This is a more basic way!
    1Wax on
    2Wax off
    3Wax on
    4Wax off


  9. Great tutorial.Me too require an instructer like him.Unfortunately my area of residence lacks indoor facilities for training Kung fu and Karate.

  10. this guy is a really pro iam a martial artist i really found out these same techniques after i blown my face twice. thats y a best master makes a best student or experience should teach u to be best.

  11. Wrong bubba… Wax on wax off from the karate kid could be a very bad attempt at Mor Sao and Guat Sao… what he is doing is tiger basic blocks…

  12. I like this teacher very much. He goes over the techniques that I have learnt, but he shows them in their useful application.

  13. That was the best way to end a video xD 'if you no like block why don't you just take it wiv your face?" Legend

  14. Exactly what the demonstration I was searching for, thankyou. Essential blocks to be made into cursive writing.
    plus, love the round house kick !

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