How to Do Basic Kung Fu : Blocking High in Kung Fu

We just talked about blocks, outside block
– in and down. How about high block? Now at this moment, he is going to touch my face
and I do the high block. Can you see this? I do the high block. Now the other hand, high
block. Once I create a high block to protect my forehead and my face I will see the other
target. Now for example when I am going to attack him, high block, the other side, now
what if two people are going to attack him, we are both going to grab the shoulder and
block and block. Again, boom, boom. See if he is short and if he is a small framed guy
our hand is always like this. That’s the way to attack, that’s the way to attack. Look
at that one more time slowly. Now when he blocks of course, he can come out with weapons
any time he wants. Remember doing martial arts is like trading numbers, in additional,
multiplication, subtraction and division. It is very simple you just need to practice
and make sure that you can do the movement without any hesitation.

23 thoughts on “How to Do Basic Kung Fu : Blocking High in Kung Fu

  1. yeh like dis old man who was a kung fu black bekt dan 2 he was like 75 a 25 year old wid a loaded gun comes to him and the 25 year old is in hosbitle…

  2. Surely,if you were atleast in a range that the guy can't come fast to you,you could win by using a gun,it's ok to go to jail other than go to a hospital and/or die.

  3. @MrMcChicken good advice. There was a segment in my kung fu class where the more advanced students did a line drill. 3 or 4 seconds tops to incapacitate an opponent before the next stood up.

  4. Whenever i train in Gung fu by myself i picture attacking a wood doll notice when i strike it it feels no pain it has no ego nor movement to counter as you strike

  5. @MrMcChicken
    not true i am a martial artist and any real warrior would jump at the chance to fight whoever has the guts to challenge him be it 1 person or an army a warrior doesnt back down

  6. Achei muito principalmente a forma de bloqueio sem beleza sou praticante wing chun e acho este estilo mostrado pouco bonito de ser aplicado

  7. That is great combat tactics! xD
    Remeber Bruce Lee quoting The Art of War? Be like water. Water does not go up the mountain. It flows around and adapts. 😉

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