How to Do a Tornado Kick : Martial Arts Tips on Tornado Kicks

So today we’ve learned the complete steps
to do a five forty Tornado Kick. We’ve gone over a few variations on the degrees of rotation
and different styles you can incorporate for this kick. Also keep in mind, definitely want
to wear the proper clothing, stay warm, stay loose, work on that flexibility in order to
get that leg up. Now when we do the kick, again, in order for the leg to come up, you
need to have the flexibility for it to come up fast and come down. Now remember the following
steps: the preparation for the movement, stepping into it, into the proper horse stance where
your body is straight and aligned. It’s really important for you to do this kick that your
body is straight because if it’s crooked, it’s going to be bad for your back and it’s
also going to make you go on an off axis. So let’s take a look and remember to jump
straight up as opposed to jumping forward. We want to keep the body tight throughout
this and therefore when we land, we can have a solid jumping side five forty kicks.

78 thoughts on “How to Do a Tornado Kick : Martial Arts Tips on Tornado Kicks

  1. I like that it demonstrates the proper technique to complete the kick successfully and safely. thank you for your explanation

  2. hey man im from boston i went to jae hun kim and the grand mastermr kim never tought me this stuff and i was a blue with red stripe

  3. 540 is one kick dude. club540 com. Great tricking site.

    If you don't trust the link, or just don't want to explore it, a 540 is a tornado landed on the kicking leg.

  4. This isn't a tricking 540, its a xuan feng jiao or whirlwind (tornado) kick, a wushu kick. Check the silks…

  5. you mean you could correctly execute it. in order to do it perfectly you ahve to do the move hundreds to thousands of times. Very few people can do it perfect. Though being able to execute it correctly in 20 minutes is good

  6. it was a tornado kick, he stepped in, chambered his non kicking leg, rotated 360 degrees in the air with a roundhouse. Which is a tornado kick.

  7. to perform a really good kick in a street fight not in sparring or with a ref u gota be very fast and just kick their face really really fast BOOM BOOM thats it fight is over but u have to do it unexpectedley

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  10. @pirokorcari hahaha it seems that you have done that… dude it is just a joke! ^^ seen it like "learn from your mistakes"

  11. This move is easy from a standing position if you do a back kick and float into it as you turn back around. Harder to do but it's also possible to do a side kick, back kick and then jumping turning kick, or as he calls it tornado kick. Good fun in an open space, stubbed toe anywhere else 🙂

  12. @SoccerTeenz28 yo, do this and you'll be able to again. Lots of stretching on the tendons on the back as well as inner sides of the legs. Practice your roundhouse, and then do quick cross step roundhouses. IE. step forward, and with your back foot go behind your front and turn, then kick with what was your front leg. Then practice the jump and chamber from same leg without kick, and try to put it together. GOOD LUCK :D!

  13. I cant really do kicks anymore 🙁 . I never could do these kinds of kicks even when I was younger. Short of the standard jumping front and side kicks.

  14. correct with his explanation. what you chose you call that kick. if you off that base after 3 rotations you can run yourself into a wall… it happens

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