How to Do a Gainer : Martial Arts Tips on Gainers

Ok. Well, you’ve heard it from me Alfred Hsing,
a couple tips on how to do a Gainer. Remember, this is and can be a dangerous move if not
done safely and executed well. You really got to watch out how to warm up the neck and
back just because you don’t want to get whiplash. You just really need to be cautious. I can’t
stress that enough. And, also when you kick up and you really to whip you body backwards.
And, kick your legs all the way around. Because, it has happened that sometimes you’ll go all
the way up and you might just come straight down if you don’t get enough momentum. And,
you know you should definitely practice this move. It’s very flashy and it’s fun to do
if you just want to go from a standstill into a Gao Move and just kick back and do a flash
kick. But, again I just want to recap a few little pointers when we do it the way that
I showed you guys. Basically, take a few steps. Use this, really kick it, and drive that in.
And, use a lot of explosion when you kick that leg up. And, I’m kicking high to exaggerate.
But, really kick and pull back. So, I mean if I do it slow-mo like so. Like that. Basically,
remember to kick in line with your body. And, rotate with that same momentum. Do not kick
one way and start arching the other way. Really make sure everything is kicked out well. And,
don’t be too rushed when you do your movements. And, you’ll be able to land a Gainer successfully.
Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “How to Do a Gainer : Martial Arts Tips on Gainers

  1. This is more of a slant or flash gainer, a true gainer is just going straight forwards. In martial arts its still just considered a gainer.

  2. many people call alot of things : a gainer, but it i just a backflip when you kick up with 1 foot, Doesnt matter if it s straight foreward or not

  3. nice rebound 🙂 very clever. "cheese in his ass" cause my name is cheesenutpea!!! it's hilarious! I'll give you THAT! HA-HA!

  4. uugh… i can't do backflips, i just can't… even on the trampoline… at the last moment i always get a pretty vivid mental picture of me landing badly and snapping my neck 🙁

  5. If you're jumping on a trampoline, or if you have some mattress under your feat you've got nothing to worry about, you'll not injure yourself, if you want to see a video just add me as a friend and I'll upload one for you with me landing on my neck. Then getting up with no problem..

    @video: it's a cheat gainer, not a gainer.

  6. i used to do them fine, then i landed badly once and almost broke my shin, and then i was scared to do them. So this is how i retaught my self. Start off with back handsprings, do like thirsty, and then do one very high up. (btw this is all on the tramp) you will probably miss your hands and land on your belly. That makes me comfortable enough to try a backflip.

  7. @hongquiao Do backrolls, lots…Then try to do the capoera's macaco.Then backhandsprings.
    Repeat repeat repeat.Does it feel normal?If yes proceed.
    Get a mat or something fluffy.Get someone to hold and raise your back.Jump high and backflip!Just freaking do it!Bail and get up again.Drill it over and over again.
    Remember to start graddually and be patient. Backrolls>macaco>backhandspring>backflip
    Getting into gymnastics or capoera would help.And do handsprings correctly btw.
    Feel free2PM me.

  8. Well it depends on the trampoline, there are some with a high net around them, and wich are at height, so you can neither touch the ground nor land near and not on the trampoline.

  9. @CostcoSamples dude,, u 1 retarded man… i don't know why people gave you thumbs up, a J step is something you do BEFORE the trick.. you're saying it as if he's just doin a J step and nothin else, the J step is just an easy step up to get the gainer, and AS YOU CAN SEE on the right he also has a video how to do a gainer: a true forward gainer. this was just a tip, nimrod

  10. Also you should maybe mention to practise this move on a mat first. Or every warming up will be … c'mon u know

  11. @SavetheStarving ya that is the dude hes alfred hsing n i just checked again on deadliest warrior shaolin vs maori n the 1 of the dudes in the episode was alfred hsing

  12. Tried to do a gainer yesterday. All I gained were a couple of stitches 😛 I love this stuff 😀

  13. what or where are good places or things to practice flips and tricks on? I normally just use my trampoline or pool, but for a realistic ground but not to hard what is good?

  14. @MagnusLepp I start having same fears, normal when ageing. Unless you have a trainer the best would be doing it yourself over water, I mean by water. On a boat, a trampoline, at sea, on a lake, friendly swimming pool etc. If that's not an option then just put a tatami, mattress and cushions. And then yes, go for it…

  15. I love you… like no homo… I have been looking for someone to teach this shit and I have found it… God Bless you

  16. @CostcoSamples acctualy he did a gainer, but before he jumped of he helped himself with a J step, so it makes everything easier.

  17. this is so RACIST!!!!
    they would put subtitles…
    they think that you cant understand the asian guy what he was talkin about

  18. would u suggest trying it if you can jump high but cant really rotate fast? also i have a standing tuck, solid, i was wondering if this would still be a tough thing to do.

  19. @emerica2120

    Are you serious ?
    If you are, it's probably due to the fact that the majority
    of the people on the planet (and youtube) doesn't have
    English as their 'nativ tongue'…

  20. Actually, I prefer it that way. He mentions his name and I wouldn't know how to spell "Alfred Hsing" if it hadn't been written there.

  21. This is not a back flip the gainer is like a side flip. The gainer is a ilution of a back flip pot whath u doing is like a side flip

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