How to Do a Catch Combination | Boxing Lessons

I’m going to show you how to take a punch,
catch it, catch it from the body, and then to the head. We’re going to work it from the
top, we’re going to pretend like it’s really a shot coming in there, and he’s going to
catch it. He’s going to catch it there, then to the head, then rib, good. Catch it there,
catch it there, so he’s going to catch low, high, and then come one-two. Now there’s many
variations of this, he could do so many different things with this, we’re going to keep it simple
for you, and keep it just like we work from the top with the slips, with the right hand
and the left foot coming down the line. Again, he’s going to catch it there, catch
it here, and work two punches. Now we’re going to work the one-two-three from the top, one-two-three,
catch, catch. The other side now, we’re going to catch low, catch high, counter two shots,
catch, catch, two shots, catch, catch, you see I almost got caught there. The mid-man
has to watch himself. One more time, catch, catch, again, catch, catch, beautiful. Now
we’re going to add a one-two to that. One-two, that’s all we need for that, that’s a wrap.

10 thoughts on “How to Do a Catch Combination | Boxing Lessons

  1. Thats not catching thats just blocking bro… catching is when you use your gloves to actually catch the punch like Jack johnson or Chris Byrd used to do

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