How to Do a Butterfly Twist : Setup for a Twist Martial Arts Move

“Ok so now were going to get into The Butterfly
Twist. The first part of the twist is, if you follow me over here, is basically the
setup. So what basically anyone can set up for it in any different way, however I like
to set up with my left leg behind my right leg and the key thing here is you can stand
with your feet together, you can stand with your legs apart, but the key thing for the
set up is that you wind up your waist, is that you turn it. Your going to move in a
motion that helps you facilitate your 360 spin in the air. So what I like to do is start
with my left leg back, right here. The arms can be anywhere you want but mainly in a motion
that helps you tork backwards. So some people like to start like this. Some people start
with their hands over here. Or some people just start like this. So I’m going to start
like this. Looking backwards. I take a step out with my left leg. Keeping my hands here.
Than I follow with my right leg, this way, so that now I am basically parallel to a line,
an imaginary line this way, or as you can see I’m parallel to the wall. This next part
I will take a skip with, I’ll pivot my right foot and take a skip back with my left, like
so. So that I’m facing that direction again and I’m in a front stance, a forward stance,
so which its going to lead me to the next movement. Now let me just show you in sequence.
So we wind up, take a step out with the left, move to the right the skip, until your in
this position. Now it’s very crucial that your chest is facing this directions, the
direction that you came from, and it’s leaning over and all the weight is leaning over also
onto your right leg. So as your chest is here that’s going to lead us to the next segment
which is the dip. Before we get into the dip I’m just going to do a little one but in a
faster motion. Ready! Which is going to lead us to the next part. The dip.

15 thoughts on “How to Do a Butterfly Twist : Setup for a Twist Martial Arts Move

  1. you dont need to be skinny to do bfly kick,the guy is not thin too.
    All u need is 4-5 months of practising,if you 're good your body will be in shape for it.

  2. im only just 14, 6 foot and way about 11 stone and i got this trick in 4 days ish. just keep practicing, it helps to do it over something around waist height and make sure your on grass or something soft to land on!

  3. it looks cool and all but I won't wast my time learning it. I rather learn some thing I can use in a real fight…like kick boxing or mixed martial arts.

  4. uhm yah, so i just got back from a trip to china and korea. we spent a few nights at a Buddhist temple in korea. after training with at a shaolin bording school (Since the temple was closed off because of H1N1 virus) and the last technique we did while training with the monks in their style sunmudo, was the butterfly, which is this technique without a twist.

  5. i asked them about it, and it is not designed as a striking move, but as a spacing, because no one wants to move someone moving with that much momentum, i got hit by it, it hurts. a lot, and is difficult to approach. the twist is just an added move for more torque, and flare to the move.

  6. I think there should be a disclaimer on these vids for idiots like NEVER USE THIS IN A FIGHT…… well, unless you're Chuck Norris, then it's cool.

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