How to Do a Butterfly Twist : Landing Tips in Martial Arts Moves

“O.k, so where we left off last was basically
the jump into the twist. Now obviously we got to worry about landing otherwise were
just going to crash on the floor. So, after we spin, we jump up and squeeze. Now make
sure to look in the direction you want to spin. You want to look toward your left shoulder.
So your looking towards your left shoulder. Your squeezing and rotating and when you come
down, your going to be going in a forward momentum and landing on your left leg first.
You’ll be like that. Your left leg will come down first. If you get a certain height and
you also have extra rotation you can also land with both feet at the same time, like
this! It’s still best to land with your chest forward to maintain your balance and it’s
also better to land with your left leg first so you can have a smooth landing. Some people
like to land with both feet closer but I notice the wider your stance the more stable your
landing will be. so again, I’m going to do a demonstration of a standing twist and than
into the landing, so note that my left leg will land first. So again, the wider stance
helps me have a more solid landing without falling to my knees, and that is how you land
a Butterfly Twist.”

26 thoughts on “How to Do a Butterfly Twist : Landing Tips in Martial Arts Moves

  1. These videos are really good. Some basic editing would be really cool, like slow motion, since the person can't jump in slow motion or land in slow motion.

    Great channel.

  2. I know I was hoping they would put me in slow motion to show people the twist in the air, but I think expert village wants to go with simple straight forward how tos without complicating things with editing.

  3. Need more height dude. It's not a tilted spin it's a horizontal twist.
    It is so much harder to do it standing, but get that takeoff leg up hard enough and you should be able to salvage most of the move.

  4. It's always good to get another opinion. I look to improve my own understanding of the move. Diverse opinions are the most respected, after all.

  5. i swear to god i saw this dude in an episode of deadliest warrior, shaolin monk vs some crazy austrailian tribe… lol, monks won… ofourse!

  6. it was not an australian tribe warrior or something like that. It's a Maoi warrior which were native people from Norway, I think, or maybe an island somewhere there.

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