How to Counter Using a Punch Crescent Kick Combo – Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number eight is side step, block, punch, crescent kick combination at closed stance against front leg attack. The Korean term is Wen Pajo Makko Jirugo Ahn Hooryo Chagi. Wen Pajo is left side step. Makko Jirugo is block and punch. Ahn Hooryo Chagi is inside crescent kick. The first step is to read the opponent’s initiative and slip your body to the side and block and punch. The second step is to make a short crescent kick to the side of the head. The primary target is the head. In competition put your both hands on the body of the opponent instead of a block
punch when he comes in quickly. Then do the Crescent kick in an angular way.

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