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  1. I love the respect of Jesse,always looking down when he is learning!If you come to Portugal we can make a grest video about Sports Psychology,hypnosis,meditation and visualisation in combat sport to help memorise.

  2. Were u and Oli by any chance into break dancing? I see a couple little signals lol. Sometimes the terminology you use or the beats you play to olis 1990 in the cage.

  3. My PhD thesis one day will be "The gain of strenght and speed in combat sports with a hypnosis training"

  4. I'm curious have you though about having other martial art masters or other wise come onto to talk with you? Because it seems like it would be interesting talking about different applications of weapons compared to Kata and Philippines Escrima.

  5. Really great diverse content in this channel! With your improved camera work and editing (though I think there wasn't much to edit in this particular video) your channel is definitely better value than those martial arts tutorial DVDs from last decade. And this is free!

    (BTW, just got my copy of the Bubishi featured in one of your videos a month or so back. Haven't gotten around to reading it but definitely looks interesting.)

  6. Great build up of the exercises in one two three. More of that. your best practise of how to get the students how to understand the principle of the exercise.

  7. Jessie,
    How about a video showing how karate stances such as sanchin dachi, kiba dachi, etc. are clearly present in the way your brother is controlling in the clinch posture he uses in MMA.

  8. With Oliver being more often on the channel I realise that you both brothers have excellent teaching skills. That is a very important ingredient for magnificent videos like this one…

  9. Jesse and Oliver simply rule. It's impresive how they work together to give us karate practicioners and martial arts lovers all kind of knowledges from both the old and the new arts, in order to make us both complete martial artists AND fighters. Traditional karate, sports kumite, kata, self defense, MMA…they have it all. I've been practicing Goju-Ryu Karate since i was 11. Today i'm and a 22 years old black belt who just began to explore other martial arts and fighting styles, and your videos help me a lot. It makes be proud to be a karate based martial artist and fighter.
    Also i had the chance to meet Jesse when he came to Chile last year for the K1 in Santiago, in which i was part of the staff team. It is just so amazing that these kind of people exists in the wide world of karate, the art that got me out of bullying and depression since very young.

  10. It goes to show that effective moves dont need to be complex…in fact most of the time the most effective attack/counter is a simple technique…dont practice until you get it right, practice until you cant get it wrong

  11. And my Sensei use to feel threatened by the very mention of grappling and the mere mention of UFC or MMA. Well done Jesse and Oliver .

  12. Absolutely loved this video. Its nice to see Oliver getting more involved in your videos sensei Jesse. His experience and skills in MMA, will help you and all of us grow as martial artists 🥋

  13. I like foot sweep. To execute it you must take his balance off first or put your weight on his upper body then trip the leg

  14. You're so lucky to have a brother that can help your practice. Mine just sits around playing video games and studying… I think he's broken. 🙁

  15. I think Karate is more inside fighting than dancing around looking good, outside fighting. Karate seems to have a lot of dirty inside strikes that look like blocks, but are strikes at the same time.

  16. Fantastic grappling, clinches and take downs defenses Sensei Oliver and and Sensei Jesse. I am really going to give all of these a try.🥋👍✌OSU!

  17. very very detail wow awesome!🔥🔥🔥
    와 ㅈㄴ게 자세하게 배워준다 ㄷㄷ
    아그들아 영어좀 되면 이거 무조건 봐라

  18. This is all very useful, logic and generally basics for any wrestling, clinch, takedowns or whatever close body and parter technics. Good job, very clear and simple explanation 👍

  19. Great video, I only have one question, when you introduce the head as a way to defend/control the opponent, I wonder where is the limits in the rules? I mean it looks like you're playing in the limit. Thanks!

  20. This video was really nice. Oliver should open his own channel, and show us everything about techniques to be used in MMA, exercises, conditioning training, and more…

  21. Super helpful video. Handy to know this stuff for kumite. Its very often that you end up in close quarters (after striking) and don't know what to do from there because it isn't generally taught.

  22. wait hold up you grab the neck in a Thai plum?!!

    I am a Muay Thai practitioner from Thailand and I have been training in my camp (ค่าย) for over a year now, i’m pretty sure that I have a big say in this.

    grabbing the neck in a Thai plum (ปล้ำ)is incorrect positioning. when presented with a choice, why would you not want to choose the most dominant place to clinch your opponent which is the HEAD, not grabbing around at the neck.

    In my camp all of my Kru (ครู/teachers/trainers) have always repeatedly imply that you would ALWAYS want to grab the head in a clinch when you have the chance to. Grabbing the neck is just a less dominant position to be in and opens a world of counters for the opponent.

  23. Absolutely fantastic! I was in the last KNX, and we were actually doing a similar exercise/flow with sensei Iain Abernethy. It was less focused on clinch control MMA style, and more on "creating the opportunity for a self-protection-oriented dirty shot" (eye gouges, for example). However, the "drill", the mechanics and the philosophy behind it were practically the same as in this video. I found it an excellent, safe and useful way to train close range maneuvers, learn how to percieve the opponent and "flow" with him, manage effectively the "fear" or "disconfort" of being in an unwanted clinch, and so on. And I do find it fantastc now!

  24. Love the online class!
    Thanks for teaching this!
    I got jumped when I was 19 by a guy that just came out of prison for 22 years!
    Man used his finger nails to try and claw my face up!
    I wound up somehow breaking his nose with a stright right, before i could get out of his house!
    Smashed his funiture all up trying to maul me!
    The guy had been known to go crazy and attack his own family members too!
    Drunk a lot!
    I started off trying to grapple with him after he sucker punched me!
    That's when he became Wolverine! LMAO

  25. Great to see young Martial Artists learning, understanding and systematizing it with respect, humbleness and appreciation. Standing on the shoulders of giants to progress in the scholastic warrior traditions. Keep up the great work gentlemen. Respect, and keep the Bushido and Chivalric codes and ethics alive into the future. 🙂

  26. Oliver is as insightful and clear when explaining as Jesse. It really runs in the family. And you can really tell that MMA is a sport of its own, with very specific characteristics and details. It doesn't have the respect it deserves among martial arts. There's traditionalists who believe it's just barbarians pummeling each other, while it really has its refinements

  27. Jessie can you do a tutorial on karate kick kaiten mawashi geri the knockout kick that kickboxing phenom Tenshin nasukawa does

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