How to Clean your Boxing Gloves

What’s going on guys? Shane here. So in this video, I’m going to teach you how to clean your boxing gloves, I got the Sweet Science ones on today — the best gloves I’ve ever used. And remember that a portion of all profits gets donated
to St. Judes, so if you’re looking for a new pair click the link in the description below.
Alright, so I hear a lot of ways that people clean their boxing gloves, some crazy ways where you put them in a bag and put them in the freezer, which is supposed to kill the bacteria in there. A friend of mine tried it, she said that it did not help at all. They
still smelled. So I’m gonna teach you the ways that we do it, and it works great. So the first thing is after you use it, after you sweat into boxing gloves, don’t keep them in
your boxing bag! Alright? Because then that’s how it’s gonna grow mildew, they’re going
to stink, there will be bacteria in there, so you want to make sure that you get them out of your boxing bag as soon as you get home and air them out. Open them up like, in reverse with
the velcro pulling them apart, and you can sit them in front of the fan,
that’s usually what I do — thats great. Another thing that you can do is just spray some Febreeze in there, right? Get the odor out and another great way, as well, use a dryer
sheet. Wipe the inside. It’s not going to kill the bacteria or dry it out, necessarily.
But it’s gonna make them smell a lot better. You can even leave that sheet in there for
the next time you go back to train the following day, take it out, and then
just grab a new one the next day, and throw it in there. Alright guys, so that’s what we found is the best way to clean your boxing gloves. Like anything else, after you use them a lot, they are going to deteriorate over time. But, if you take care of them, you clean them, you don’t let them sit your gym bag, then they will have a long life span. Alright, so until next time: grab a pair of gloves, follow me on
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  1. I've been working to condition my shins and i kicked the 85lb bag about 400 times but it's not very bruised.. does that mean it's not working? any advice will help

  2. I'm also scared of this one kid but I don't know who would win in a fight me or him. Is there any reason I should be scared? And should I be scared or no?

  3. What works real good for me is, I wipe the inside using antibacterial hand wipes then I put a moisture exorbitant bag inside the gloves. The ones I use are Moso natural mini air purifying bag – the bamboo charcoal in it dehumidifies to prevent mold, mildew and excess moisture; absorbs odors, Removes bacteria, etc, etc..

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  5. Or you could try this – mix an equal parts of white distilled vinegar with water, then dampen some paper towels in it and put them inside your gloves, that should disinfect it.

  6. I use disinfectant wipes. They are really cheap and get the smell out fairly well. I then stick Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags in them. Also really cheap and they recharge in the sun.

  7. Buy some stuffits, it is some littles inserts you put into your gloves, made of natural cedar that absorb humidity and protect your gloves from moisture and odor. Bought it for my new faitex, in tree month they still smell like brand new.

  8. Been boxing for over a decade, learned the best way a couple months ago – Lysol spray! It's antibacterial and it sure keeps them smelling fresh. Just open the glove and spray twice right in there, than let it sit and dry. It works for wraps too, thought if you rinse them well after workout, wraps are usually not a problem. Non of my stuff EVER smells. It only took me over a decade to figure that out LOL. I mean, you really can't smell anything that would suggest the gloves have ever been used.

  9. You can also use those packets of silicone gel you get in parcels and shoe boxes and stuff like that as they are excellent for absorbing moisture and keep a car smelly or two handy in your gym bag.

  10. This is how I clean mine see if it works for you! For the outside of your glove use Clorox disinfectant wipes to get the shine back to your glove and to keep them looking not old. On the inside of your glove use Clorox disinfectant spray that has BLEACH in it to completely kill all your bacteria. Your gear is tough so the bleach doesn't kill it. Just make sure you get the clorox with bleach instead of using straight bleach because it will fade the colors of your glove away. Also to get rid of the bleach smell like Shane says febreeze fabric spray will help keep the inside of your glove comfortable and last long and smell not like a sweaty glove. To dry you can get glove dogs or just put towels of some kind inside of the glove to dry them off but keep the gloves open. Hope this helps and it does work because a pair of ringsides I've had for 7 years now still are in good shape and clean the same as always!

  11. Meister MMA has a product that you stuff in your gloves and wicks the sweat away. I bought it on amazon.

  12. After ever session I always spray inside gloves with antibacterial spray like fabrese type spray then massage gloves lightly to spread inside them, this I find always prevents the smell and rot, but you must do it after ever session, my sweaty gloves never smell..

  13. their is a way better way to clean and deoderize all u need is 2 old towels poot alil baking soda ball up the towels poot them separately into a sock next tie them into a sock then spray your choice of lysal it disinfects and deoderize is them

  14. I use the antibacterial cleaning wipes (Lemon scent or Apple), then I use a paper tissue to dry them. And yes, Always keep them out of the gym bag. In Uk we got Dettol or the cheap ASDA/Walmart ones 🙂

  15. i use fresh mint leaf … I put them deeply in to the gloves and expose them to the sun it's very good

  16. i wash them with water after every session. put them front of the ac compressor overnight and then put in old news paper in the morning. 12 hours later its dry and odourless

  17. I spray the inside with rubbing alcohol and then Lysol. I also use portable UV lights that are meant for shoes and I shove those on for 15 mins at a time to kill the bacteria

  18. this is the most basic advice ive ever seen….its like im being taught how to put on a tshirt: "Alright youre gonna want to find the hole of the tshirt and fit your head through"

  19. Before you train, rub your hands with alcohol. Get a clean sock put baking soda in it, tie it and spray a little Lysol on it, then stuff it in the glove for a couple of hours. Then get a clean small hand towel, sprinkle baby powder on it, then dust excess baby powder off and stuff it in the glove for another couple of hours.

  20. would bleach free disinfectant wipes be good for cleaning the exterior of my gloves for cleaning off blood and sweat of them??

  21. Good tips. I prefer using small cedar chip bags after cleaning a non-bleach wipe (PDI works great) which not only improve the smell, but also absorb moisture.

  22. So basically this video should be "Here's how to cover up the nasty smell in your boxing gloves……" Also an info-mercial for sweet science boxing gloves…..

    Sorry, in my opinion my method is superior (and yes I’ve tried your method as well)

  24. I soak mine with rubbing alcohol and wipe them right after use
    Then baby wipes when I get home and let them hang dry
    Has worked so far and the rubbing alcohol doesn't ruin the material

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  26. Never leave the clean thing inside gloves for long period of time. Just clean the gloved and throw cleaning thing away. Let gloves to dry without nothing inside. I've same boxing gloves for years – no odor at all.

  27. I think I missed something. I watched ut rwice and there was no info about cleaning the gloves, only deodorizing them and mildew prevention.

  28. what can i do if there is dried blood on the fabric area that some gloves have (in the palm area but on the outside)?

  29. i put my gloves and a dehumidifier into a plastic container. the dehumidifier with suck up the sweat from your gloves.

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