How to Choose a Martial Arts School : How to Research a Martial Arts School

Hi, I’m Mike Payne, owner of the Academy for
the Martial Arts, speaking on behalf of Expert Village. I will cover the topic of what to
look for in a martial arts school. I would suggest to parents, who are going to visit
a martial arts school, to make sure that you are allowed to watch the classes. This is
a great time to talk to the other parents and see just how satisfied they are with the
school. One thing, that I’d pay attention to, is whether you see a lot of beginner students
but hardly any advanced students there. That is a bad sign. That means the retention is
not good. For whatever reason, the kids are just not sticking around. They may be quitting
because they’re getting hurt and the classes are boring. There could be a multitude of
reasons. Ideally, they should be constantly learning and having fun. Although, they must
see progress, they still need to have fun. However, if it is all fun, chances are, they?re
not learning anything. They will not like that, either. On the other hand, if it is
no fun and all learning, it will be similar to boot camp. Who would want that?

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