How To Calf Kick (PAINFUL)

(percussive music) – I want to teach you a very special kick that I learned in Okinawa, the birth place of karate. This kick is super devastating. It hurts like hell, but it is not spectacular. It’s not a jumping, flying,
dragon, super, tiger, kick. In fact, it looks like this. So my brother Oliver is here. We’re kind of fighting like this, and all I do is throw almost like an ugly football or soccer kick
straight to his calf. So from the outside, it
goes here and straight up. And I’m aiming towards his
opposite side shoulder, but down here. So I’m not going to do it hard, because it really hurts. But it looks really ugly, like this. Okay, all you do is come diagonally up like that and hit with this part of your foot like you would almost do in
a regular murashige, right. But now instead, I’m coming down here and I’m sweeping up in this direction aiming for his opposite shoulder. So it’s not a sweep. A sweep could be like this, right, or like this from the inside. We’re not trying to sweep. I am trying to do damage,
not to destroy his balance. So, I want you to try this. Do a regular low roundhouse kick. Boom! But then try to switch it up. Bam, like this instead. And you will notice or your
friend will make a strange sound when it really hurts. Okay, you just want to
aim straight for that. Basically, the root of
the calf down here, okay. – It will feel like a jolt through.. – Exactly – Like.. – It feels like a shockwave
goes through the leg from down and up. And the more grounded the
person is when you kick, the more it hurts. So we’re not kicking the knee, but the muscle down here. And we can do it from the inside as well. Okay, so how can we
put this into practice? We can’t just walk up to people and start kicking them, right. So let’s do a little exercise. Let’s say we’re fighting. I wanna get my opponent to
put his weight onto his leg so that it’s stable when I kick it. Bam! So all I do is this. I wanna get him to step to his left, which means that we circle. I throw shots. I throw shots. Boom! I want him to protect against this and move in that direction. I throw one, two, on the third I faint. He moves back straight
into my low calf kick. Again, just open hands for now. One, two, three, Boom! Okay, I’m trying to get him to move and put his weight on his front leg so that I can do the kick. Right, that’s one idea. Then we could also use it, like I said, on the inside of his leg as well. So for that let’s do a nice combo. We’re gonna combine it with the hands. Because after you kick, Boom! Usually, you have an opportunity to follow up with the hands. So we go one, two, three. Okay, your friend will
just put his hands up so you have something to hit. Again I go one, two, three. You can do it with open hands, one, two, three, this way. See what happens is, when we throw that first kick, you will probably sweep
him out a little bit. Or at least you’ll get
this type of reaction. All you need is that quick space to throw Boom! That one. Bang! And then from this, Boom! We follow up with the
hook punch from the side. The kagi zuki in Japanese. So again, with open hands, we go one, two, three. Move around, and one, two, three. And one, two, three. Okay, and that’s it. This is how you can use the Okinawan strange but super devastating
low kick for the calf, and combining it with the hands. Train hard, good luck, and have fun. – Gey! – Ahhh!

72 thoughts on “How To Calf Kick (PAINFUL)

  1. Hello! I’m Lynn in Okinawa. Im ten years old I love to watch your videos! Could you please come to my wing chun school next time you visit? It will be really fun!

  2. Once i accidently kicked my partner on his calf during kumite!. It wasnt too hard but it sure hurt him. He took revenge later in the kumite though!.

  3. Do you have any tips on hip throwing,I always find it difficult closing the distance. Great video btw

  4. I like the round-kick/uppercut/hook combo – made a little sequence around that just a few weeks ago! 😁 👍

  5. This type of kick seems to be all the rage in MMA but they are missing the detail you have of kicking up through the muscle.

  6. Very effective kick although also very easilly checked/blocked doing more damage to the kickers leg. Not one I'd throw much in MMA maybe occasionally to mix up strikes but if it forms a pattern or any tells, very easilly blokced. All the opponent has to do is turn thier shin to angle on to your leg, they dont even need to lift the knee so its a very quick check.

  7. I have got a questtion, does hook punch exist in traditional okinawa karate.
    Anyway fantastic video as always😃

  8. K-1 legend Ernesto Hoost used to do these low front kicks at that angle, and he's very well known for being one of the best at throwing leg kicks

  9. Definitely, simpler is better!
    Simple, direct, effective all-around techniques are the best…
    Cheers, Jesse! 🙏🏻

  10. I’ve done that when I use to spar I would fake a jab then throw a low kick but in a downward angle towards the calf with my shin

  11. An idea for "How to…" series. How to come back to the martial arts after ACL injury. I know some people that had this kind of injury and still practice karate but it was a looong journey for them 🤔

  12. nice kick I think as someone said earlier I have noticed this in mma but not the way you demonstrate it nice going to give it a try at next session

  13. Low kicks are where it's at for self defense, in my opinion.
    Great vid!
    This is what we teach our students also

  14. The reason it feels like a jolt, or like an electric shock is because that portion of the calf contains one of the two ramifications of the sciatic nerve. That is why it hurts so much too, because you hit the sciatic nerve. That is why low kicks on the back of the thigh hurt so much too. Because that's where the sciatic nerve is. And if you manage to hit that nerve, your opponent will truly be in a world of pain.

  15. It`s extremely painful if you strike the wrong part of your opponents leg like the blade of the shin but done correctly it is a devasting kick, a bit rough around the edges looking but very effective. Great video Sensei Enkamp, Respect !

  16. That upwards motion on the calf was something I never knew about before. The majority of my fights rely on calf kicks, so it's great to learn something new like this. Thank you!

  17. Thanks as always for the great advice I already know how to low kick but this greatly improves the technique. Also I wanted to congratulate you on your new dojo I'm very glad you're doing so well God bless you and your family.

  18. I can attest it hurts like hell. I didn’t get kicked in the calf, but last week at class I pulled my right calf muscle. It was a sharp shooting pain that hurt beyond belief! I’m still limping from it. I imagine a full force kick to it would hurt way more than this pull

  19. Excellent video, thanks Jesse :)… Just curious, doing the same type kick, but to the knee, wouldn't that do more damage? :O

  20. i used it in my tournaments days ,no referee coud catch the difference with a sweep.but once,in dojo kumite,my sensei said:"nobody sweeps like that(calf -ankle kick with the instep,dont make yourself a fool in front a good judoka!";so i never did this any more. in karate.

  21. It's simply WONDERFUL to see both Enkamp brothers working together. Thanks! Coming from Okinawan Styles (Uechi, Goju and Shoryn) and Wing Chun Kung Fu, my experience with low kicks to the calf is complete, given and taken. Yes, they are very painful. But, who cares about flashy ineffective kicks in real combat?….Ooopss…sorry, if my big mouth offended any high kicker or Hollywood movies fan. But, I belong to the streets in combat-related techniques. Keep it up, Jesse! We love your videos!!!

  22. Kick to the Calf with the right timing and angle is devastating. I love you videos they are very informative! I am from Shinkyokushinkai Philippines. Osu!

  23. As Master Ken would point out: and don't forget to kick to the groin 🦶🍒😳😫
    Great video 👍
    I recently saw some footage of a Japanese fighter named Kazushi or Kuzushi Sakuraba. He fought against one of the Gracies. Sakuraba kicked him real good (I think it was his legs) since Gracie lost balance, stayed down and went into the "lying turtle on the back" position just waiting for Sakuraba to come to him. But Sakuraba didn't fall for that and kicked him right on the calfs a dozen times before he did something spectacular. In the end Sakuraba won the fight.

  24. Good stuff, Jesse Sensei! As a uechi-ryu stylist, we would probably use the toes to strike with on that, but I can definitely see the value of it!

  25. This is an awesome kick, that I have begun to see in mixed martial arts fights, by those with a Karate background. Thank you for explaining it, along with Sensei Oliver. Greatly appreciated Sensei Jesse, Osu!✌👍👊✊🤜🤛🥋😊

  26. Osu Sensei Jesse, If you aim more to the side of the calf, you can strike the common/superficial fibular nerve, which controls dorsi flexion of the foot, if you strike it hard, you will cause their foot to lose that action and they will have a numb-ish (technical term) foot. it has happened to me and it's god-awful. Also see MIchael Chandler vs Brent Primus. It demonstrates the result of this kick superbly. Osu

  27. Спасибо за видео! Хороший удар Вы показали, но защиту от него не показали. Не полная информация.

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