40 thoughts on “How to Build an Advanced Combination | Boxing Lessons

  1. the instructor should let his student feel that he will really punch him let your student avoid it even when you are saying where will you punch.

  2. It looks great and fast, but isnt it a problem that his left hook is so low? as he is throwing that hook, his elbow never comes up and the hook is just coming across at chest level

  3. Well it on a few factors one is depend on what type of hook he prefer judging from my observations he prefer a American hook which is more stealthy and dangerous to be hit with. The other which from your dialogs you prefer a European hook which bring the elbow high to parry jabs, it's quick but not stealthy and if time can be countered with the combinations that is just demonstrated. It also depend on where the target is located which means some adjustments to execute the hit.

  4. This is advanced boxing. It seems like some comments are from people who be watching basic boxing drills!

  5. Oh My God This Wasn't Hard At All

    Thumbs up if you are a 10 year old
    that dont know how to box and just found this video Randomly and the ones who learned this in 3:00 minutes like me!
    And thumbs up to me for making this long comment
    And i liked my own comment because
    I knew no one will

  6. I want to get into a ring right this freckin' minute and punch someone out. I've never in my life been this freckin' pissed off. Completely violated!

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