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Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial
Arts. In this lesson, how to bridge, and shrimp. So the two basic movements, and some variants
you need to know to be able to defend yourself on the ground, especially to get out of a
bad position, when the person is on top of you, are the bridge and and shrimp.
So let’s look at each in a little bit more detail.
So the bridge, first, from my back over here, I bring my feet close to my hips, and I’m
simply gonna drive my hips upwards, like so. I want to be able to do that quickly, as I
breathe out… to have power. Imagine you have somebody on top of you, you got to be
able to project him off of you, like a rodeo. Like so, that’s the bridge.
Now the shrimp, similar, but I want to, instead of bringing my hips up, I’m gonna bring them
out to the side, so that’s a slip out from underneath an opponent. So I’m gonna bring
one foot close to my hip, the other leg is gonna be straight, and I’m gonna go up on
the opposite shoulder than my foot that’s on the ground, like so. So all my weight is
on my shoulder, and my foot. From here I extend this leg to bring my hips back up higher than
my head, like so. So I wind up in a shrimp position, like this. Ok, again, the shrimp,
breathing out, and coming back. Ok, now there’s a couple little variants,
so the bridge and roll variant; so when I bridge, ideally I’m gonna use that to get
back on my knees, to regain top position. So this is the bridge and roll technique.
From my back, feet close, I’m gonna bridge, but instead of going straight up, I’m gonna
throw my hips to the side. It’s a dynamic motion, pivot on my shoulder, reach across,
and wind up on my knees, like so. Bridge up, and to the side, pivot on my shoulder, reach
across with my hand, and when I can’t, I tip over, I’m gonna bring my knees in, so I’m
in turtle position, and then post up on my knees. Once again, eventually you want to
be able to do that faster, in one explosive movement, always while breathing out. Bridge
and roll. Alright, now the last one is combining the
bridge with the shrimp; so you bridge up to create distance, and then shrimp out to get
out of the bad position. So from here, bridge up, and right away, shrimp. And again, you
want to be able to do that faster, bridge, shrimp. Again… there we go.
And that’s the bridge and the shrimp, two basic movements you need to be able to get
out of a bad spot on the ground. Subscribe to our channel to stay tuned for more Effective
Martial Arts video tutorials, leave a comment if you have anything to say, or questions
about this video, hit like if you enjoyed, and till next time, I’m Patrick Fulop, this
is Effective Martial Arts, remember, practice well, safety first, and use these techniques
only for self-defense.

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