How to Break Boards in Martial Arts : How to do Speed Board Breaking in Martial Arts

LASZLO HUVE: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Laszlo Huve, here in New York City, Camp Undefeated. Today, we’ll try to break
a board. Our next break is a speed break. It’s a self-supported board. You support the
board. You try to break it with a fist. Okay? Positioning the body is, again, very important.
We have a walking stance, comfortable walking stance. Our hip position in the middle, we
will extend our arm and try to go through the board with a fist. You try to breathe
out simultaneously as the body is moving. There’s a little trick to it. You want to
make sure that your arm is not moving back. If you do that, you will have a hard time
breaking the board. Number two, you have to make sure that your breathing is proper. My
body is in one synch with the movement. You try to breathe and move at the same time.
Exhale. Now we try to break it with one smooth move. Having done this, one more time let’s
go over what you have to do. Stay–position the body properly. Align your shoulders in
a same line with the board. Breathe out properly and one smooth move going through without
a stop.

9 thoughts on “How to Break Boards in Martial Arts : How to do Speed Board Breaking in Martial Arts

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  2. Hes pulling the board toward him with the other hand.
    I'm sure he can do it correctly, but if you're filming it, why not do it right?

  3. Bords don't hit back true martial artist knows that breaking things don't teach you selfcontrol. Or to stop anger only to be a UN true person you are not

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