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Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial
Arts. In this lesson, The 9 Basic Ways to Block Punches. Alright, so here are 9 basic ways to block punches, 5 for long range, and 4 for close
range. Here it goes, overview first, from your basic fighting stance, 1: straight punch
tap, 2: hook block, 3: uppercut deviation, 4: high block, and 5: the shield. Now close
range, from the turtle block position, 1: straight punch to the face, 2: straight punch
to the body, 3: hook on top, hook on top, and 4: hook to the body, or body shot. Now
let’s see what it looks like applied. So, in my fighting stance, straight punch
tap, just a little bit of strength, I don’t need a lot of strength to deviate that punch.
Light tap, and right back to my fighting stance. Next, hook block, I’m gonna block on the outside,
over here, nice and far, 90 degree angle with my elbow to stop the punch in its tracks.
And #3: uppercut deviation, I’m gonna use my hips and go to the side to deviate the
punch so that is misses my chin. That could also work for body shots, I’m gonna use the
same motion to deviate the punch, so it misses my plexus. And #4: high block, use it for
an overhand, there we go, I block nice and high. Could work for a hammer fist as well,
same technique, and could also work for a drop kick, like so. And the last one is the
shield, that one I can use to block straight punches, other variation. Now, close range,
from my turtle block position. This is a last resort, when you’re back against the wall,
and you have nowhere to go, you want to at lest protect your chin and your nose, so right
here, hands right underneath the cheekbones, chin down, looking in front, I’m gonna bring
my arms up right above my eyes to block a straight punch to the face. Just enough space
so I can see in between the punches coming, like so. Absorb a little bit, move back with
the punches to roll with it. Now the body same thing, I’m gonna keep my arms right here,
hands underneath the cheekbones, crunch down, elbows together, and absorb body shots. Now,
answer the phone for hooks coming to the face, I’m gonna bring my arm over here, forearm
against the ear, elbow (meant shoulder) against the chin. I’m gonna go here, and roll with
the punch like this to absorb the energy, and same thing if it comes to the body, I’m
gonna crunch down to the side, to block the ribs. Same thing on the other side. Being
careful not to drop my hand to leave my chin exposed because she can fake on the bottom,
and then come back on top. Ok, so you always want to keep your guard there. So those are
the 9 basic ways to block punches, here’s a quick recap. So, from your basic fighting
stance, five long range, 1: straight punch, 2: hook block, 3: uppercut deviation, 4: high
block, 5: the shield. And short range, we got your 4 blocks, so from the turtle block
position, 1: straight punch to the face, 2: straight punch to the body, 3: hook to the
face, and 4: body shot, body shot. So those are your 9 Basic Ways to Block Punches,
we’re gonna see some cool counter-strikes in future videos so subscribe to our channel
to stay tuned. Leave a comment below if you have any questions, click like if you enjoyed,
and till next time, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts, and remember, practice
well, safety first, and use these techniques only for self-defense.

53 thoughts on “How to Block Punches – 9 Basic Punch Blocks | Effective Martial Arts

  1. ooh yeah !! That channel is awesome , its been a while that I was looking for something like this! I watch many of your video and I enjoy every of them

  2. The punches seem like it was never meant to land, as though the puncher was not supposed to land punches, which makes it look a little fake….. Still a good introduction!

  3. good video, i just did a class, your video is well made, fuck compared to mine is a master piece! good channel bro

  4. This video is very good, explains blocks for all kinds of punches. Just what I was looking for. Thanks a bunch for uploading it! Will incorporate it into my Ju Jutsu practice 🙂

  5. On the hook block, i like to keep my arm so the Ulna is facing the opponent. So when they throw a hook to the head, i try to block it so the Ulna is striking Radius of the opponents arm. It's like checking kicks with your shin, but with your arms.

  6. sorry sir let me comment about one of your block against punch- the one you put your arms on your face to blocked the punch. Sir I would like you to test it( as i have experienced it that it really hurts) by punching hard those two arms blockaded in front of your face with either a Karate straight punch of which the fore and middle knuckles should impact the target(this is the correct Karate straight punch); or to punch the blockading arms with a straight cross of which the middle, ring and pinky knuckles will impact the target. This kind of blocking, I am convinced, is good for the boxing ring where the opponents wear gloves which are even bulky that even if you do not close enough your blockading forearms in front of your face the padded fist will not almost penetrate the blocking arms because the gloves are bulky enough to snag on the arms. Thank you.

  7. The best tip is to always maintain eye contact with the opponent. Eye contact gives you awareness of your opponent's body. It also prevents you from telegraphing your strike's target, as well as allowing you to notice if your opponent telegraphs with their eyes.

  8. I keep being told that I have very high defense from different people and these blocks are similar to what I practice. I Subscribed. 0w0

    I have a question. Is it enough to just go on the defensive? I find that my strikes don't do much damage but I have a very high defense and I happen to live in Japan which has strict self-defense laws. Your thoughts?

  9. This is not effect self defence, that's not how you throw hooks and none of those blocks are ever gonna work. It's people like you that give Martial arts a bad name…..

  10. When you demonstrate the “tap” block, the punches aren’t aimed at your face. Even without blocking, they stop several inches short. That doesn’t seem a helpful way to demonstrate, let alone practice blocks. Am I missing something?

  11. Oh nooo! Never watch the attacking arm (he did). He gave her a sign with the eyes and head to start the attack, FAKE, this will never work!

  12. Great technique explanations! I just wonder if deviating a straight punch could cause you to get hit in the neck or in the collar bone. And why do most MMA fighters seem to prefer eating straight punches than blocking/parrying them? because I rarely see them block anything other than probing jabs.

  13. Siete fra i migliori insegnanti in internet. Bravissimi. Se create materiale per comprare in download, sono interessato.

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