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Hi I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts. In this lesson, the 6 ways to block kicks. Alright, 6 basic ways to block kicks, here’s a quick overview first. First, roundhouse
kick block, here, same thing on the other side. Two: high roundhouse, to the face, with
both arms. Three: outside deviation, four: inside deviation, five: groin kick deviation,
and six, inside leg kick slip. Now let’s see what it looks like applied.
Right here, so roundhouse block, that could work for low, I’ll just lift my leg high enough
to stop the kick, making sure my knee goes out to the outside so I can stop it, and my
leg is solid, I don’t want it to curve in, I want to check the kick as it’s coming in.
Low kick, roundhouse, there we go. If it comes higher, I’ll just lift my leg a little bit
higher, and bring my elbow to my knee to close the gap. Again, middle roundhouse, there we
go, nice and far to the outside, same thing. And if it comes even higher, I see it coming
to the face, high roundhouse kick block with both hands, like so, in my front fighting
twist. There we go, one more time, excellent. Now, we got the outside deviation, I’m gonna
use that to expose her back, so when she’s kicking with this leg, either with a front
or a side kick, here, deviate to the outside. I’m just using my hips, and my arm slightly
to deviate to the outside, here, so it misses my body. Again, there we go, stop. Now we
got the inside deviation, so I’m gonna use my elbow as a pivot point, go down, keeping
my elbow in front, I do not want to pull my elbow back as I do this. In front, then I’m
gonna use my hips to turn in, using my forearm to deviate the kick so it misses my body.
That’s gonna be when it’s a front or side kick with the other leg, over here. Doesn’t
require a lot of strength, just timing and precision, inside deviation. Next is the groin
kick deviation. So groin kick, here, I don’t want that obviously, so I’m gonna push the
kick to the side with my lead leg, groin kick deviation, like this, one more time, and like
that. Alright, so the groin kick deviation. Last one is the inside leg kick, inside leg
kick. I’m gonna want to slip that, that could hurt. So I’m gonna push my leg back, and keeping
my head there. Notice that my head does not move. Again, timing it well, that puts me
in a good position to counter. Alright, so once again, those are the 6 basic
ways to block kicks. One: low or middle roundhouse, two: high roundhouse, three: outside deviation,
four: inside deviation, five: groin kick deviation, six: inside leg kick slip.
And those are the 6 basic ways to block kicks. Stay tuned to our channel, subscribe, we’re
gonna learn some cool counter-strikes to go with that in a future video. Leave a comment
if you have any questions, click like if you enjoyed, and till next time, I’m Patrick Fulop,
this is Effective Martial Arts, and remember, practice well, safety first, and use these
techniques only for self-defense.

24 thoughts on “How to Block Kicks – 6 Basic Kick Blocks | Effective Martial Arts

  1. Very good and similar to what I do. Just a few thoughts. Our groin attack is more like the inside thigh kick, but to the groin and is very fast. I tend to pivot the front leg if I can, or more likely, block with a knife-hand with the posterior (right hand in this case) hand because of the need to be very fast. I also tend to block the rear leg front kick with the right hand too so I can expose the back as you do with your block of the front leg front kick rather than using Chi Sao. I realize in real action, everything may need to be modified 🙂 Thank you!

  2. "use these techniques only for self-defense"  you are funny, these are blocks and you didn't show any counter attack. Anyway any beginner who has never done martial arts won't be able to reproduce your movements correctly. However you're explaination are great, it might be useful to beginner who are practicing martial arts

  3. forget the haters you guys are doing a great job and you don't have none of that demonic pictures and memorabilia hanging on the walls in the background I love it

  4. The only block i don't like is the inside deviation block. Personally when i spar, when I throw lead leg kicks. I watch for people to lower there lead hand and catch them with the jab right after i kick.

  5. These will come in handy since people here in Japan tend to throw kicks quite often. Best videos on self defense on YouTube.

  6. I like to move while I do the blocks with the arms. It can take some power and angle off the kicks, and that makes them easier for me. I think it is a great idea to present a complete set of defense against kicks, it gives a basis from which that section of combat can be developed (finding variations that you prefer, adding new techniques you learn, etc) I completely disagree with using these techniques for self defense only, they should be used for sparring too :p Happy Christmas!! : )

  7. The blocks are very similar to what I teach. The instruction is clear and succinct so good job. My only gripe is you do not show the blocks working against full speed powerful kicks. This seems to be an issue with all of your videos. Do the slow descriptions then show things full speed. Otherwise some people will dismiss your stuff as not practical. I know it is practical but others might not.

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