How to Become a Mixed Martial Artist : How to Defeat Multiple Attackers in Mixed Martial Arts

Greetings! My name is Grand Master John Le
Grand otherwise known as the Phoenix Sensei. The name of our system is Lost Legacy Systems,
University of Mixed Martial Arts. We are located in Coconut Creek, Florida. On behalf of Expert
Village, we are going to show you how to become a Mixed Martial Artist. Now we will have Samurai
Louis demonstrate another scenario with multiple attackers. Starting with me kicking him I
do it nice and slow motion low shin kick and you can flex it with his shin, follows the
momentum of it and he’s doing a kick to my face causing me to fall. I could be unconscious.
And the other attacker comes. He deflects it with both hands at the same time, grabs
his wrist while simultaneously chopping him to the artery and using the opponent’s leverage
and momentum to flip him to the floor and finish him off with iron pump strike to the
nose. Let’s see it in real time. Watch how he flips him and finish.

77 thoughts on “How to Become a Mixed Martial Artist : How to Defeat Multiple Attackers in Mixed Martial Arts

  1. multiple attackers are far too unpredictable have a strategy like this. Different fighters from different directions at different levels. and its useless to say good fighters dont attack in groups cause ive seen ppl that trained for years and had skills but they were still bullies and they jumped people

  2. You guys are all right, thats why we can learn Martial Arts I take classes, and self defense routines only teach you instantly what your mind knows, if you really have to fight, then dont use a single rountine, use everything you learned, all u got

  3. @branflakeonwii215 the only way you can beat them all.. is… if you got a weapon
    or if your bruce lee 😀

  4. @branflakeonwii215 depends on how good a fighter you are but this probertly counts for most poeple i agree if more than 1 man fight u you shud run even if you get 1 of them on the ground the other may stil hit you and you wont hold that for long me and 2 mates where playing a 2 on 1 yesterday and its realy shitty to be the one :p

  5. That's right, your multiple opponents are just gonna pose and act cool while they take turns to take you on one by one. -.-

  6. Unless the attackers have no training, and are very stupid, your best chance is to run, especially for those who do grappling arts.

  7. @raziel90210 I study many styles of martial arts.I am what ppl call "talented"fighter.I like counter attacks.dont care about pain cause my thoery of fighting is like sadomasochist meaning if hurt dont stop fighting.I'll fight for what I believe.I won't die till I complete my goal in life. I wouldn't ever run from a fight.Guns are hard if from a distance.Nothing can compare to the pain the government gave the planet.

  8. This video should be entitled: "How to play dress-up and play Martial Arts LARPing with like-minded Kool-Aid drinkers."

    What the hell did I just watch? These guys are experts in bullshit.

  9. I Didnt know an All-State ad was key to defeating multiple attackers, fuckin sweet! Next time i get attacked im just gonna hand them a coupon for 10% off their next accident in a car. They are sure to see the error of their ways then!

  10. haha @ the people saying to run, I started my training against multiple people larger then me with weapons oh and the only way to fight multiple people in "mixed martial arts" would be sando or a replica all other forms are 1 on 1

  11. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHEW HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA OH MY GOD ……. WHEW OK . That is either the funniest joke video i have ever seen of the saddest !!!!!!

  12. @raziel90210 thats what my sensei said dont try to face of a gang. there is no s on are chest saying where superman or woman

  13. This video is fine if you are already an expert, but it relies on a specific scenario…i.e. your attackers standing in a certain place. It also assumes only one person will attack you at a time.

  14. Running is the best thing you can do. Even if you know you can beat your opponent. Always try to run first. If that doesn't work: Try harder…

  15. @CentredOne nah the name mixed martial arts states that you know more than a style of martial arts and how to use them in harmony… then goes the fighting match!

  16. blsht, in real life nothing happens as expected, some times well trained karate artists fall for boxers

  17. ha…while "Grand Master" sits in the corner. Hey, I just became a reverend from Universal Life Church. I wonder if Universal Life Dojo will likewise conform the degree of "Grand Master" on me for another $20.

  18. @dinkydodgem93 True… but the true Martial Artist never fight 2 people or more in once, unless theres no other way… and we are tough to run away, thats why many martial artist learn wall running, acumulate falls, big jumop and etc… Also we are tough of how to use the enveiroment… for exemple if there something close to you stone/stick/metal bar whatever grab it and use (with training or not) and sometimes if you next to something that you cant grap just make it a obstacle for them =)

  19. @chivasis4life that's just a demonstration. if the "nighas" body is in momentum,you will most probably succeed to flip him like that.

  20. When i saw this i wanted to try it………so my sister came to my back…….and i was suprised so i taked her and did that and i was like DAMN THAT WAS AWSOME……

  21. @iGoonHax0r it exists ways my man. as u said, KICKS, and alot of em. if grabs come you gotta be quick to get released (good jujutsu) .. and be QUICK on your feet… BUT! best way is to get away and run. rather be smart then beaten down.

  22. @heiio66 this is a martial art but not mma it is very traditional like do this and do that, that just wouldnt work. In a real street situation you cant be like well this one is gonna attack like this and this guy is gonna attack like this.

  23. ive done that before i did it to my bro and it was halarious !¬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaqhahahah

  24. in america maybe. but the rest of the world its knifes and street fighting.

    a lot of countries it is hard to get a gun and very serious offense to use one illegally.

  25. that's okay – his gun disarm is clocked at 1 millionth of a hour. However, yes, I agree that gun-fu can be dangerous — proceed with CAUTION!!!

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